Saturday 21 September 2019

Soap of the week: Coronation St


Dramatic: Coronation Street
Dramatic: Coronation Street

sheena mcginley

Just when you think Fiz and Hope's return to Corrie couldn't be more dramatic - what with Evelyn barricading herself, Brian and Tyrone into Bessie Street in a bid to claim a school spot - you'd be wrong... It's all about to combust, with Hope (literally) under fire.

Where have Fiz and Hope been since November? Birmingham, trying to get to the root of Hope's behaviour and, in light of events this week, it may have been time wasted. Why? Since you ask, the wayward one seizes the opportunity to flee once her mum and Tyrone start bickering (probably over the fact he forgot to enrol Hope into school in time).

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Where does she go? The factory - for some reason. Which promptly bursts into flames. Before we all start talking about how Underworld is cursed, what with being decimated many times since the soap started, it's just some boxes that are ablaze.

Luckily for Tyrone and Fiz, Dr Ali is nearby and manages to save the child (before heading home to neck some diazepam, a story for another day). When Hope makes out she saw two lads running away, Tyrone reckons she's lying, while Fiz opts to believe her... Determined to wait for a Bessie St place, Fiz then decides homeschooling is the only option.

Obviously worried that Hope will see this new arrangement as an easy ride, Tyrone starts fretting - but has Fiz got something else up her sleeve?! Checking she's alone, Fiz makes a surreptitious phone call. But to who? If she's wise, it'll be Brian.


This week in Soapland

Coronation Street

Hope's only home two minutes and she's already setting fire to the factory. Ali manages to save her, but he's relying on pills to settle the nerves. Never good longterm. When Eileen tells Seb that she intends to give up everything and run away with Jan, he does his best to change her mind, but Eileen admits they've accepted a witness protection scheme. Yasmeen presses Gaslighter Geoff for his medical results and he implies that he hasn't long to live, while the inevitable happens between Daniel and Bethany. Lads, this is Soapland - platonic friendships are verboten!

Fair City

Will's more manipulative side comes bubbling forth as he continues to convince Phoebe her mum put the lunge in on him, not the other way around, all while dripping bile into his daughter's ear. Sharon frets that their home has come at a heavy price for Hayley, but Hayley reassures her - while getting used to having Mondo as her boss. Paul's left heartbroken when little Ruthie heads for boarding school, leaving Fiona trying to cheer him up with the prospect of spending his spare time networking - that's assuming Ruth manages to last a night.


Poor Whit. This wedding is a case of third time lucky, but can she put her feelings aside now that the big day is here and her betrothed has just admitted he'd a fling with Ben Mitchell? More importantly, will stepmum Bianca make it to the church on time? Despite the chaos between Lisa, Phil and Louise's whereabouts raging, Mel tries to focus on hunting down Hunter, who she realises is after Jack's blood in the only place to have a good siege... The Vic.


After cross words between Nate and Amy (she tells him about her and Kerry being responsible for the factory fire), Kerry decides she needs to give him a stern talking-to so seeks him out at the farm. You'll NEVER guess what she stumbles in on... Question is, how will Kerry use this info regarding Nate and Moira's fumblings to her advantage? How will Robert take Victoria's news if she decides she can't testify in court?

Ros na Rún

Sorcha fears Briain will crack under the pressure... and will Mack tell Dee what Katy has told him?

This week in Soapland

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