Monday 26 August 2019

Soap of the week: Coronation St


Emma with her ailing father
Emma with her ailing father

Sheena McGinley

If you, like me, have been wondering why young Emma has been everywhere of late - tending bar at the Rovers, coiffing bobs in Audrey's, getting on down in Maria's flat, and suddenly treating us to a terminally ill father - it's because she's got one hell of a back story...

Now that her ailing father has been thrust upon us, you must be wondering what's coming next?! In classic soap style, this week we'll see something of a clanger regarding her parentage. On his death bed, the man Emma believed to be her dad announced he didn't sire her. Ergo, Soap law dictates that viewers already know her father. But what of her Mum, AKA the woman who's been lying to her for 20 years? Audrey Roberts is the first to find out... This week, when Emma's phone rings, she sees it's her Mum and ignores the call. As the picture of her mum flashes up on the screen, Audrey sees it's Fiona Middleton! Who's Fiona Middleton?! She was the first major black character introduced to the cobbles, circa the mid-90s.

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Like her daughter, Fiona earned her keep as a hairdresser and was best friends with Maxine Peake. Her most notable storyline involved her committing to Steve McDonald while also having an affair with his father. Indeed, writers expected us to believe Fiona would be partial to Jim's big russety 'tache. It's down to Liz to tell Steve he may have another daughter to add to his brood. But, could Emma's real dad actually be Jim?!


This week in Soapland


Drunk and humiliated about resigning from her job, Jessie deploys some uncomfortable truths regarding the local teenagers. As the menfolk in her life barrel her home, a mysterious figure lurks. But who is it?! It's Ellis's dad. Faith and Zak share a smooch, because it's been a few weeks now since Lisa was buried. It seems that there is some residual guilt on Zak's part, leading to all manner of cellar slapstick. Meanwhile, Sam and Lydia are shocked by Samson's angry reaction to Lydia's past, and Debbie goes on maternity leave - sorry - to work in Scotland.

Fair City

Pete and Renee continue to be at loggerheads, with power-hungry Pete vetoing her ideas before pilfering them for himself. When Carol cops that Anto knows nothing of Darragh and Lee's monetary woes, she lets Lee pay his debt in instalments but Darragh's worried when Lee admits he's short for Aidan's payment. Elsewhere, Will is raging when he discovers Cristiano gave Phoebe the go-ahead for a clandestine date with Aaron, while Fiona starts manipulating Paul into offloading Ruthie...

Coronation Street

As Emma's dad drifts in and out of consciousness at the hospital, he tells Emma that he always loved her as if she was his own. Stunned, Emma confides in Audrey that her dad isn't her real dad and her mum's been lying to her for 20 years... soooo, who is her birth-father? Especially in light of who her mum turns out to be... After getting knocked out by Jed, Vicky tends to Robert's wounds and claims she'll not leave for Ireland if he can come across with something more substantial for her and their unborn. Is he about to have two fiancées?! Nick and the factory girls tells Sarah her dislike for Gary is putting all their jobs in danger, while Geoff's grip tightens around Yasmeen, and Bernie (literally) starts taking the pee...


With Linda worried about her test results, Mick lies to Mitch, telling him the doctor gave his dodgy ticker the all clear. He then collapses after a tête-a-tete with Stuart. Bobby, having spent the night in the restaurant, sees Max and Ruby together. This leads him to question an unnerved Max if he ever loved Lucy? Iqra moves in with Robbie.

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