Tuesday 15 October 2019

Soap of the week: Coronation St


Coronation Street
Coronation Street

Sheena McGinley

While we're used to soap characters being put through the wringer, let's spare a thought for the buildings. Poor Underworld... Carla's beloved fact'ray has been destroyed by fire twice in the last two decades, before being gutted by Eva in the wake of Aidan's affair. It's also played host to a number of deaths, including Mike Baldwin in 2006, followed by a factory worker who fell foul of the stairs. Tony Gordon died in the second fire, while Frank Foster's body found a resting place on the premises.

Oh, and John Stape buried colleague Colin Fishwick under the floor after pilfering his identity. Who will be the next victim? You know, apart from Carla.

While someone dies (ahem, partially) due to her fecklessness regarding the dodgy factory roof, she will be the victim left behind. Indeed, I'm focussing on Carla as there's been little indication as to who will perish - especially as half the street will be in the building at the time. As workers occupy the factory (protesting proposed cuts), they're joined by Gemma and Emma because, well, the more the merrier. As warring siblings Sally and Gina climb the scaffolding, the roof gives way, burying all.

Tim, Abi and Tyrone force their way in to help before emergency services arrive, then another bit of the roof collapses. With Bhavna Limbachia (Rana) due to depart the soap on her wedding day, all bets are on her being the fatality - leaving in-law Carla even more of a pariah. Who has she left?


This week in Soapland


Kim turns up at Butler's farm to talk to Moira and meets her match. Moira promptly rejects her offer of money for the farm and when Kim falls into the mud, she's humiliated and therefore dangerous. With Rhona in the throes of the menopause after her hysterectomy, Marlon warns Paddy he needs to tell her about Chas's pregnancy before someone else does. Unfortunately for everyone involved (us included, obvs), Maya and Jacob's simpering affair drones on ad nauseam, with Tracy being the latest caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, a vulnerable Charity tells Vanessa her 'news'.


Ruby gets the rage this week after being spurned by Jay. So, channelling her old man Johnny, she targets Phil, which really sets the cat amongst the proverbial. Then, she sets a honey trap for Ross and Matt... Linda arrives back with Ollie and tells Shirley and Tina that Mick is staying to spend quality time with Nancy - but what does that mean for house guest Jean? Mitch tries pulling a fast one on Patrick; Bex decides she wants to date her father's best friend (Kush, innit); and does anyone really know where Ben Mitchell is?

Fair City

Orla and Wayne, distracted by the prospect of pregnancy, forget to take Junior's temperature. And that's not the worst of it. Sash is apoplectic at Charlotte's assertion she's in a rut. It takes a randomer assuming she's Samantha's mum to make Sash see the bigger picture and has her reaching for the phone. Elsewhere in Carrigstown's new and improved set Robbie is troubled by a surprise visitor, while Hughie is gutted when Jackie suggests it wasn't just Ellie's meddling that caused an issue between them. Watch out, Dolores!

Coronation Street

Carla's shocked to learn Peter has bought a new boat and is leaving - today. Will she stop him in time? When Natalie (she who incrementally stole money from Audrey) sends Nick a pic showing she's at his Gran's having her hair done, he and David are suitably worried. Hey, nothing a game of table footie can't sort out though!

Ros na Rún

Dee takes a turn in Katy's house, Michelle lands a job, and are Jude and Liam Óg in danger?

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