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Love Island episode 7: Who doesn't know how to make tea?



Yewande Biala

Yewande Biala

Yewande Biala

YAAAAAAAS! Finally, a bit of Yewande love, particularly as her partner Michael has finally gotten his bits together to crack on with Amber.

Well, it's a process of elimination, innit. Speaking of which, the nigh-daily occurrence of Anton trying to woo someone else's 'giddle' naturally took place. As has become customary, the gym owner dutifully asked "permission" to chat up/wear down someone's other half – which means he told Tommy he was going to give Molly-Mae a whirl. And there we thought he only had eyes for his blue-eyed boy...


As for how it went for Anton on this occasion? It may be a case of fifth time lucky. Let's face it, between asking her to clip his toenails (fact), to saying the best thing about her is her Ellie-Belly (that being her stuffed teddy bear); Tommy isn't exactly whisking MM off her trotters. 

To put into perspective just how rubbish Tommy is at grafting; Molly-Mae is on the turn after just a few chats with the Scottish laddie. In the Beach hut, the Manc-dweller said: "The boy [Anton] can’t do enough for me and I can see it’s genuine. That’s such a lovely thing. Whereas with Tommy, I do find him very attractive but he’s not as on the ball with how to woo a girl. He kind of takes the back seat." Well, when you're that pretty, it's easy to become complacent.

But back to our lovely Yewande; she's finally struck it lucky in the love department. She got a date! Which is a start. New guy, "Danny, model from Hull" only went and asked her out – and proper order. C'mon, who else commits fully to "IVE GOT A TEXT" with the deserved gusto, or would admit to having a "phobia of small holes"...


Love Island contestants at the Love Island Live event at the ExCel, London (Ian West/PA)

Love Island contestants at the Love Island Live event at the ExCel, London (Ian West/PA)

Love Island contestants at the Love Island Live event at the ExCel, London (Ian West/PA)



As for how it went? We've no idea... Producers pulled a Molly-Mae and all we got was a preview. We do know, however, that Amber is Danny's second date choice.


This year's Danny and Jack are proving to be just as too good to be true, with Amy opening up about her lack of action in the boyfriend department to Curtis over breakfast: “I’ve just met loads of people. Gone out on dates. Get mugged off by them. Repeat. But I’ve met someone nice now so it’s fine!" Listen, if he didn't flee in terror upon hearing that they're definitely going to get married.

So, without further ado, HIGHWAY TO THE TWITTERDOME!

TURN ON... Yewande's I'VE GOT A TEXT

Video of the Day


TURN OFF... Tommy trying to make 'Chive' happen (that and his 'jorts' aren't the best, oh, and HE'S NEVER MADE TEA)



LOTS OF LOVE FOR... Ian Sterling doing Ian Sterling



BURNING QUESTION... Is ANYONE going to get it on, or what?!



TWEET OF THE NIGHT... 'Nuff said


TOMORROW NIIIIIGGGGHHHT... After being teased, we will finally get to see Yewande go on a date. Chances of Danny choosing Amber over someone who's proper sound?! Too likely, unfortunately.

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