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Love Island Best Bits: From Antigoni’s ‘lion’ locks to Luca’s welcome for Charlie, the Islanders are giving us no shortage of entertainment


The Islanders make their way to a challenge. Photo: ITV

The Islanders make their way to a challenge. Photo: ITV

The Islanders make their way to a challenge. Photo: ITV

It’s that time of the season when a blonde bombshell, usually named ‘Charlie’, enters the villa, to woo the girls with his posh accent and somewhat bland personality.

In 2019, we had model Charlie Frederick. Last year's 'Charlie' came in the guise of hat designer ‘Chuggs’ Wallace. What have they all got in common? They rarely last very long in the villa given a stark lack of “chat”.

As for this year’s ‘Charlie’? He’s a property developer from London. This is either him or Charlie Frederick from 2019, who can tell anymore?!

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Tuesday night’s challenge…

With Ikenna and Amber now dumped from the Island, the remaining gaggle of gorgeous things set about a convoluted bout of truth/dares involving a bucket load of balloons some poor runner had to spend the afternoon blowing up.

The aim? To have the islanders burst said balloons through the majesty of awkwardly clambering into a sex position.

Among the more revealing nuggets to spring from the game included Dami and Indiyah getting the green light to bust out the lapdances and lob the gob at each other.

Ekin-Su also got typically miffed when Jay chose to kiss Paige when his burst balloon asked him to kiss the islander he fancied most apart from his partner. Oh, and Jacques is the islander that gives Tasha ‘the ick’, and Dami can bust a mean robot dance.

Antigoni's ‘lion' locks…

While there may be a proliferation of Charlies at the tips of Love Island producers’ fingers, there is certainly only one Cypriot singer-songwriter called Antigoni. True, you could quibble that she has Lucy from 2019’s hair, but her personality is a winner – straight up, absolutely no messing, and super chilled.

Video of the Day

No sooner had she kicked off those eyewatering plastic stripper heels she entered the villa in, she was asked to pick three boys to go on a speed-date with.

She promptly chose Davide, Dami, and Jay. As it turns out, the first pair she has more of a bro/sis relationship with, while Jay decided to lay it on thick during his date and it seemed to be reciprocated.

Her eye may be on Jay, but I reckon his middle-management bants will start to bore her in time. That and he was quick to tell the boys when he returned that Antigoni was the one laying it on. Pot. Kettle. etc.

The best bit about all three dates, however, has to be Davide and Dami giving serious Statler and Waldorf vibes from the sidelines during Jay’s attempted wooathon.

Luca's welcome for Charlie…

The boys were all givin’ it large when greeted with the new girl, Antigoni, yesterday morning. Swarming around, each of them proclaiming they’re not “wifed off” to anyone, all clearly weighing up their options. Love Island, innit?!

However, once informed of a newbie’s imminent arrival (by Gemma; Ekin-Su wanted to keep Charlie’s entrance a secret, proclaiming all the excitable squeals from the dressing room were due to a “bug that landed on my bum”), all the boys were griping in the bedroom, with Luca even proclaiming “F*** off, Charlie”.

Davide, as has become customary, was a bit more philosophical.

The lads were then left to heckle from the terrace as Charlie attempted to access his chat algorithm under the glare of five steely stares.

Davide’s workout routine…

Producers may have only given us a sliver of a snippet depicting Davide and Jay benching each other (in a quest to initiate some form of hernia?), but we’d like more of this kind of thing, please…

Davide burning Ekin-Su...

I could very well be accused of favouritism given the amount of coverage I seem to be spouting for Davide in these here bi-weekly Best Bits (moving to Monday and Thursday nights from now on, dear readers), but can you blame me?

While physically he's not everyone's cup of proverbial scaldy, and he can come across as arrogant, and somewhat preoccupied with girls having "values", and generally self-obsessed given he often refers to himself in the third person – ALL that aside, he is still bringing the laughs.

For example, en route to the boys' mandatory post three-way date conflab once he, Dami, and Jay had returned, Davide managed to deploy a killer flyby burn. He only shouted over to Ekin-Su: "You should've seen the kiss, very passionate." He really knows how to get under Ekin's skin, every time.

Overall Vibe…

Top Tweet…

Key Takeaway…

Tonight’s episode will see yet another British Soap Award-worthy performance by Ekin-Su as she lays into Jay for essentially acting like he’s on Love Island with other options, pfffft, THE CHEEK!

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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