Monday 19 February 2018

Jim Jim Nugent: 'We all SAID we'd turn Fair City off but here we all are, a year later, feeling all dirty and cheap'

Avid Fair City viewer Jim Jim gives his verdict on the Katy storyline climax

Fair City: Ciaran and Katy go on the run
Fair City: Ciaran and Katy go on the run

It was the hottest night of the year... Out the back garden I mean... certainly not on TV. If you were smart enough to stay outside with a cold fizzy drink in one hand and a burnt sausage in the other, then I salute you. Here's the update on what you missed...

Katy & Ciaran - Fair City's not-so dynamic duo. On the run for only 24 hours and already they've run out of petrol, blood and ideas. It's fairly brutal bleeding, no wait, I meant to say... it's fairly bleedin' brutal! 

In fairness Katy took the wind out of her former kidnapper by stabbing him and all (even his eyebrows have stopped moving up and down when he talks) but beginning the episode tonight they're still the best of mates. Not since Donna & Joe McCaul have we seen a duo try their very best to do well but end up a bit lost and heading for the ferry.

We first see the two on the run in the bushes on that bit of land that RTÉ have up for sale now. Then they decide to steal a car around the back of the RTÉ car park or "Phibsborough" as the Gardaí call it. (Fair City will struggle for outside locations once the builders move in).

After a heartfelt goodbye to Farrah from a pasty Ciaran at a pop-up phonebox he tells Katy "I think this is it".... yeah yeah, promises promises. The screech of the bottom of the barrel is heard as she holds the tiny knife (yes, that knife is still there) up to her wrist and threatens to go with him if he dies.

The plan then was to head to Dún Laoghaire and steal a boat. By the time they walked from one pier in the Coal Harbour to another it had turned dark, even though they travelled only 50 metres (if you know the area well)  Unbelievable Jeff. There should have been Benny Hill music playing at this point. Is it wrong that I cheered when Ciaran fell in to the dark water? Katy jumped in after him and it's (still not) all over for another night. Fade to black, holy mother of God.

'I know actors who couldn't deal with the pressure and had to go' - Johnny Ward on Fair City's gruelling schedule 

For those of you who need more - apparently there's "exclusive content" on the RTÉ Player on how Garda John Deegan worked out the case. That's not a joke by the way, really, an online exclusive about Deegan. Sweet Jesus, I think I'll give that the swerve.

I wish they'd got on that yacht. Oh man that would have been hilarious. You could have had a great spin-off series called 'The Pirates of Carraigstown' or 'Fairrrrrrr City'. Think about it, a bloke with one arm and his very pale first mate parrot - "Ciaran when am I getting out? When am I getting out???.. Squawk!" Lasting 200 episodes over 13 months it would show how Ciaran and Katy got stranded on Dalkey Island on the way to Bray before she ate him - then she gets captured by Garda John Deegan - nobody would see THAT coming! Maybe I'll pitch that to RTÉ?? You think they might like that, should we get another petition going?

'Wish my eyebrows looked like this after a year! Is Ciaran doing beauty nixers?' - Funniest reactions to Fair City's cliffhanger 

Fair play to the team in Fair City though. It worked. I imagine the producers are celebrating tonight. Here I am writing about it again, we were all talking about it. They got the viewing numbers in a big way and captured our attention and our time. (Maybe not our imaginations, but you can't have everything.) We all SAID we'd turn it off but here we all are, a year later, feeling all dirty and cheap.

I'll finish by saying goodbye to this Katy storyline like the length of the Katy storyline.... SO LONG!!

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