Friday 19 January 2018

GBBO 2015 Final as it happened: It’s the last episode and we’re all bereft, but who reigned supreme?

Nadiya Jamir Hussain has been crowned champion of this year's Great British Bake Off, as she celebrates with judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (right) and fellow finalists, Ian Cumming (second left) and Tamal Ray (left)
Nadiya Jamir Hussain has been crowned champion of this year's Great British Bake Off, as she celebrates with judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (right) and fellow finalists, Ian Cumming (second left) and Tamal Ray (left)

Vicky Notaro

Nadiya’s facial expressions have won her legions of fans online, while Tamal has been the crumpet many Twitter users wish to devour.

Irritating Ian, well, he started strong and then lost many of us due to his inherent smugness – but nobody can deny he’s an experimental and interesting baker.

But who deserves the trophy? It will all come down to three challenges that were pretty pastry oriented – the iced bun signature, the mille feuille technical and the single-flavoured, three-tiered showstopper. Mary was wearing an extra special jacket, while Paul’s gimlet eyes were razor sharp. What’s left but to BAKE!

“Peeehhhfect” Paul

Iced buns are Paul’s favourite things in the whole world. The silver fox doubted Tamal’s topping of choice in the signature because he favoured Royal Icing. For god’s sake Paul, we know you’re only brilliant at baking, but Tamal’s got to the final by being awesome, okay?

Ian gets complicated

Now Flora has left us, it seems Ian has taken up the mantle of trying too hard. Judge Paul and Mary Berry were unsure about his iced buns. It didn’t help that he forgot to put sugar in one batch.

Nadiya got tongue-tied

Poor ol’ Nadiya. She broke with iced bun tradition, and even explaining this left her struggling for words. She was caught up with remembering coming last in past challenges, but needed to get her head in the final game.

“These have all touched each other”

Paul wasn’t pleased with Ian’s iced buns. The cardamom variety failed to impress because of an apparent sugar deficit, but the lemon ones impressed Ms Berry.

Coming out of the signature, it was Nadiya’s buns that made the judges happy.

“I can’t even say it”

Paul said they chose this challenge because all three finalists struggled with pastry throughout the competition. Nadiya was perturbed considering she couldn’t even pronounce the term.

“It looks as though you sat on the top”

Ouch, Mary. Tamal’s mille feuille was more like a million nightmares. Ian’s didn’t bond, while Nadiya impressed with near-perfect layers. She came top, with Tamal on the bottom.


“I just got the first in the technical” said Nadiya while LOLing. She was a clear frontrunner, with Ian saying he needed to nail his showstopper, and Tamal believing he could still bring it.

Tamal’s sister

He may be both hunky and a trainee anaesthetist, but it was grounding to see Tamal being mocked by his big sister – who takes full credit for his baking prowess, BTW. His showstopper? An ancient, abandoned Chinese fishing village. SURE.

Five cakes?!!

Ian admits his showstopper is “slightly ridiculous”, attempting to bake five cakes. FIVE. His wife admits he’s been a man possessed since the beginning of Bake Off, but also says he’s the family’s rock. Aw, has anyone softened towards Ian?

The wedding cake she never had..

Nadiya was married in Bangladesh where cake isn’t customary, so this was her opportunity to basically wreck it, confectionary wise. Twitter was obsessed with her cute husband and kids, but Nadiya kept her cool even making fondant out of marshmallow. Better than shop bought, eh Mary? 

The Old Faves Return

Never mind Nadiya’s hot hubby or Tamal’s teary sister – Sandy is back! And Mat with one t, Flora and all the rest of the gang. No pressure, gang.

“He’s meant to be the strong one”

Ian wept, saying he’d been through a lot in his apron – but was most surprised by Tamal cracking emotionally. Look Ian, anaesthetists are allowed to cry too!

“Sensibly, you’ve gone simple”

Ian surprised with his carrot cakes, considering he’s known for a fondness for road kill and er, overkill. He ended up baking the best carrot cake Paul and Mary have ever had – which is pretty unreal when you think about it.

It was close

Three of the best cakes ever produced in a showstopper… who was going to win it?


It was NADIYA!!

She bawled, we bawled, Tamal cuddled her kids and everyone was happy.  Well done Nadiya!

That’s it, guys. Tamal cried, said Nadiya was going to be insufferable – can anyone else feel a friendship burgeoning for life?

 It was totes emoshe, even Mary Berry was holding back tears.

In the round-up montage we discovered Mat with one t has become a dad, Ian baked a cake for the Dalai Lama (of COURSE he did) and Tamal passed his exams. Joy for everyone!

So, it’s over. Now we only have Strictly to deliver our weekly dose of happiness. SOB!

(Thanks for reading! Catch me watching other TV on Twitter @vickinotaro)

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