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Game of Thrones episode 5 'The Door' - Hodor's emotional backstory, a full frontal, and another death

Ed Thomas

***WARNING: SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 6, episode 5, 'The Door'.

Hodor's origin story had an excruciating big reveal, we delved into the exceedingly murky origins of the White Walkers and a randomer dangled his bits in our faces. It was a memorable episode of Game of Thrones – epic, feisty, packed with devastating characters moments. Here is what we learned.


Hodor is Bran's creation

In his flashback to Winterfell Bran had received a glimpse of the normal young man Hodor once had been. Now we learned how Willis had become Hodor. In a Terminator-esque piece of time hopping, we saw present-day Hodor holding the gate against the White Walker army while in the past  Bran forcefully ”warged" into the unsuspecting Willis. "Hold the door…ho..dor…hod dor," yelled Hodor as he writhed on the floor. It was a horrible pay-off that also confirmed Bran is essentially Westeros's answer to Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

young hodor.jpg
Wylis, a young Hodor


Farewell Ser Jorah, We Hardly Knew Ye

After two attempts, Daenerys is finally rid of the over-attentive Ser Jorah. In the end she was sad to see the back of her loyal manservant / simpering admirer. Cursed with Greyscale he was taking the brave step of disappearing into the wilderness and, when it came to it, would put himself out of his misery. Daenerys tried to give Ser Jorah false hope by "ordering" he discover a cure for the fatal condition. The expression on his face confirmed his understanding that this was merely her way of making their parting a little less painful.

ser jorah.jpg
Ser Jorah and Daenerys in Game of Thrones


It's all gone south for Brienne again

"He seems trustworthy - a bit brooding perhaps," was the Lady of Tarth's assessment of the recently resurrected Jon Snow.  “I suppose that's understandable... considering."

When not cracking zingers, Brienne was busy warning Sansa off her plan to strike an alliance with House Tully. Her reward was to be packed off to cement said relationship in person. Obviously Brienne was gobsmacked as she’d only just caught up with Sansa, whom she has, after all, pledged to protect unto death. Now she was headed south again - though at least it would mean no longer enduring the come hither glares of Tormund "Hungry Eyes" Giantsbane.


What is Littlefinger playing at?

Lord Baelish appeared genuinely remorseful over pressuring Sansa into an arranged marriage with top Westeros nutter Ramsay Bolton. But why stick that dagger of doubt in her ribs at the end with a reminder that her new ally Jon Snow was merely a ”half brother". Was he expressing genuine concern over Sansa's well-being? Or, Littlefinger being Littlefinger, trying to exploit her emotional turmoil for his own benefit?

Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger in Game of Thrones

Theon and Yara are all at sea

Yara was literally about to ease herself onto the Salt Throne when rudely shoved aside by usurper uncle Euron. His mad/genius plan is to ally himself with Daenerys across the Narrow Sea. She's got dragons, he has boats - and they are united in their thirst for power. However, he didn’t reckon on Yara and Theon quietly skipping town with the entire Iron Islands fleet and potentially setting Euron's plan in motion without him.


Arya was confronted by the past

Sneaky Jaqen H’ghar had come up with the ultimate test for his wavering acolyte. To prove her loyalty she would have to kill an actress appearing in a bawdy biopic chronicling the fall of the House of Stark. This meant sitting through a lowest denominator re-staging of her dear dad Ned Stark’s death, his beheading hooted and cheered by the great unwashed.

On the other hand, at least Arya was spared the sight of Pretend Joffrey whipping his tackle out at the after-show party - a sight which reminded us that, despite a rapidly advancing plot and “off book” reveals, Game of Thrones hasn't given up being Game of Thrones.

The Children of the Forest are to blame for the White Walkers

So the Walkers were created by the sylph-like Children of the Forest in a severe ratcheting up of their campaign against the First Men back in the day. With the Night's King and his legions poised to sweep down upon Westeros, surely an apology is in order – but only if you mean it, Children of the Forest.

children of the forest.jpg
Children of the Forest, Game of Thrones

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