Monday 23 October 2017

Did we need this retelling of a ghastly crime?

TV3 rugby pundit Keith Wood
TV3 rugby pundit Keith Wood

John Boland

The murder of Karen Buckley in Glasgow last April would seem too raw in the memory to warrant a documentary, but that didn't stop TV3 from opening its Disclosure series with a retelling of the ghastly story.

Yet if I expected the worst from a channel that has tended to favour lurid re-enactments of dreadful crimes, the approach and tone here from reporter Geraldine Lynagh was considered and even tactful.

Why anyone needed this retelling is another matter. Perhaps it added to our store of knowledge to learn something about her psychopathic killer's background and history, but I can't really see why anyone would want to know such things.

The Glasgow policemen interviewed for The Murder of Karen Buckley were impressive, and the expression of national shame articulated by Scottish criminologist Mairead Tagg was movingly heartfelt, but there was a large part of me that felt: too much, too soon.

The same channel, though, must be commended for its coverage of the Rugby World Cup. Yes, I concur with those viewers who've argued that the studio panellists are all a bit samey in their earnestness and lack of mischief (where's George Hook when we need him?), but they're articulate and informative, and I especially enjoy hearing from Keith Wood (right) and Matt Williams - the former much more relaxed and eloquent than when offering similar punditry for the BBC.

And Matt Cooper has proved himself to be the perfect anchor, lightly wearing his own expertise both as unfussy broadcaster and as someone who knows his rugby.

Meanwhile, Sinead Kissane, the only woman amid all the men, has been both lively and knowledgeable in her across-the-water chats with players, coaches and supporters.

So how about a woman among the studio pundits? Or would that be too 21st century for the suited diehards?

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