Saturday 14 December 2019

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello and Raign Rabin dominated X Factor arena auditions - for very different reasons

X Factor hopeful Chloe Jasmine wowed Simon with her Jessica Rabbit audition
X Factor hopeful Chloe Jasmine wowed Simon with her Jessica Rabbit audition
Raign Rabin got through, much to Cheryl's disgust

Neela Debnath

It was all fairly pleasant and positive last night as the arena auditions got into full swing.

Posh girl and former model Chloe-Jasmine returned and impressed the audience with a bluesy number from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Who would have guessed that Simon loved that film?

The songstress, who first auditioned for the reality show back in 2006, channelled Marilyn Monroe as she gave a sultry performance.

If our love of Downton Abbey is any measure, she could be a shoe-in in this year’s victor. She is certainly different to the more run-of-the-mill pop fodder that usually feeds the X Factor machine. 

Just like Britain’s Got Talent finalist Lettice Rowbotham, another well-heeled young lady from the environs of Surrey, Chloe-Jasmine is a new breed of X Factor contestant. Perhaps the show is now trying to widen the talent net and become more inclusive?

The other highlight of the evening was singer-songwriter (as she keeps reminding us) Raign Rabin. Never before has an X Factor contestant had such talent and yet lacked so much self-awareness.

The droning prologue to her audition was cringe-worthy at best and it was a miracle she wasn’t booed off stage before she opened her mouth.

Will Raign actually heed the judges’ advice this time? If she does make it through to the final 12, the live shows will reveal whether she really is as annoying as she seems or if it’s all been a clever spot of editing.

The focus was firmly on the ladies and one other contestant really stood out: Fleur East - mainly because of her X Factor history (and talent).

The singer originally got through to the finals back in series two with the girl group Addictive Ladies but lost out to Chico – remember him? How mortifying. Hopefully, this year it definitely won’t be Chico time.

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