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Thursday 21 November 2019

TV Presenter Laura Woods: ‘If I was 21 I’m not sure I’d choose such an unstable career again’

Laura Woods
Laura Woods
Laura Woods on Renovation Nation
Laura Woods and her husband Mark Arigho on their wedding day.

Patricia Murphy

Television presenter Laura Woods has revealed that she has some regrets about choosing a career in media.

The Renovation Nation presenter was commenting on the instability of a career in television.

“I don’t know if at 21 I would choose this career now because it can be very unstable and when children come along security is paramount,” she said speaking to the Irish Sunday Mirror.

“It’s vital to have a sense of routine and this is not what this job brings. But that is what I like about it as well, it’s a blessing and a curse.”

The presenter was on a staff contract in RTE since she was 21 in college but finished in 2010 when the national broadcaster wasn’t commissioning as many programmes in the recession.

“There was once several shows up for grabs and I could be auditioning for a few and then suddenly there was very few shows on the horizon. It was a dog-eat-dog world and very competitive,” she said.

Laura Woods on Renovation Nation
Laura Woods on Renovation Nation

“It was very tough as that whole time coincided with me having my first baby so my priorities lay elsewhere.

“I was completely distracted by motherhood and adapting to that.

“Having been very career focused for the guts of 12 years I was happy for it to take a back seat and when I felt fit and strong and well again, TV3 came along and I was happy to accept,” she said.

The former Winning Streak presenter worked throughout her second pregnancy and returned to work eight weeks after having her second son Alex.

“There wasn’t that luxury of being paid on maternity leave for six months. You can be working five days one week and one day the next,” she said.

The mom-of-two is now fronting TV3’s Renovation Nation and revealed the show’s theme comes naturally to her.

“My husband is an architect so I have a natural interest in renovations and refurbishment,” she said.

“I’ve absorbed information whether I wanted to or not!”

Laura Woods and her husband Mark Arigho on their wedding day.
Laura Woods and her husband Mark Arigho on their wedding day.

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