Thursday 19 September 2019

'You have become a total ledgebag' - Ryan Tubridy to Pat Kenny on infamous moment he ripped up Toy Show tickets

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Ryan Tubridy has revealed that the moment former Late Late host Pat Kenny tore up a pair of Toy Show tickets when a winner turned them down has become legendary in RTE.

Speaking to Pat on Newstalk ahead of tonight's Late Late Toy Show, Tubridy said, "You have become a total, as they say, ledgebag with regards to the tickets - that ripping up the tickets thing is still talked about in RTE."

Kenny famously tore up the tickets in a rage on the Late Late show in November 2008 after phoning the winner only to find she had no interest in receiving them.

How to get Late Late Toy Show tickets is down to a lottery. Applications are made to RTE but not every applicant will be allocated tickets, and the Late Late Toy Show tickets cannot be bought so demand is massive.  Hence Pat's fury when the woman turned them down...

"When I talked to that woman and she didn't want to come to the Toy Show and she just wanted the shopping spree I thought Scrooge has arrived.  Anwyay, I did it and it was memorable," Pat told Tubridy.

The two presenters, who have shared the joy and stress of presenting the Toy Show, also referenced fellow presenter Gay Byrne chucking a washing machine, which failed to work, across the studio in annoyance.

"How many times did you want to lift stuff and fling it across the studio?" Ryan asked Pat regarding toys that just don't work live on air.

"People don't realise that there are infra red controls and radio mics and the lights are so bright the infra red controls don't work," said Pat, "It's a challenging technical environment for hi tech toys."

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Asked how he was feeling ahead of tonight's show, Ryan said, "Part of me is intrigued to know how you feel about the Toy Show watching from the comfort of your own home?".

Pat replied, "I still get butterflies thinking of this day, the biggest most challenging day of your presentation life!"

Tubridy revealed he will be doing a song and dance number again as has become tradition in recent years.

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"I made the mistake a few years ago of trying to convince my team to open with Mary Poppins and Supercalafrajalisticexpialidocious and they wouldn't and I said, 'God damn it I'll sing and dance a bit if you do'," he revealed.

"Eyebrows raised and they said, 'Will you now?' and then that spawned Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and this year it's Beauty and the Beast'.

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"I'm going to give it a bash but I can't dance and I certainly can't sing."

The Late Late Toy Show broadcasts on RTE One at 9.35pm.

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