Monday 18 November 2019

'You don't need earplugs, don't worry' - Katie Price performed I Got U on Saturday Night with Miriam and viewers were divided

Katie Price on Saturday Night with Miriam
Katie Price on Saturday Night with Miriam
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Katie Price jetted into Dublin yesterday for Saturday Night with Miriam and impressed viewers with an honest interview in which she spoke about Loose Women, her son Harvey, and her comeback music career.

The businesswoman, reality TV star, author, glamour model, TV presenter and mum of five has just released I Got You, a dance track, which she performed on the show.

"As a little girl my dream was to be a pop star or a model and in my eyes I've done it all," she told Miriam.  "I don't know why but whenever I release music people take the Mickey out of it all the time but it doesn't stop me."

As for her reasons for relaunching her pop career, the 39-year-old shurgged, "I want to do it.  I love it so why not?  I'm not doing it to be a massive pop star" and added, "I believe in life if you want to do something you do it because you're not here for long."

Viewers were divided on her performance, which she sang live, joking, "You don't need earplugs, don't worry!"

She spoke about the fact she's not manufactured and why she shares so much of her personal life with the public.

"I think I'm pretty normal," she said.  "I've been in the industry a long time and I'm just me.  I'm honest and I've been through life experiences of different things and the reason I talk about it is I hope it helps and inspires people."

Her son Harvey has multiple health issues and special needs and she says life with him is "very challenging but rewarding."

"He was my first and I know he has all of his problems but I didn't know any different," she said.  "To me he was normal.  When I had [second son] Junior I felt that was weird.  He was so different.  That scared me more I think."

She added, "I proud of [Harvey].  We do have a special bond.  Anyone out there who knows anyone or who has a child with special needs it's very challenging but rewarding.  It's hard work but I wouldn't have it any other way."

Her husband Kieran Hayler famously cheated on her with her friend of 20 years but she revealed he had a sex addiction and that they have been through therapy and come out stronger on the other side.

"If you are going through a difficult time with your other half and they cheated or whatever don't be weak and walk away.  It takes a strong person to stick with it and work through it. I proved it. I'm still with him."

Speaking about appearing on ITV's midday show Loose Women, she said she never brings an entourage.

"When I do Loose women sometimes people turn up with such an entourage I'm actually embarrassed," she said, "All these yes peopel around and for what?  It's coming out of their wages, just so people can go, 'yes, you look great'.  I like to have realism around me, people to bring me down a peg or two."

When Miriam suggested she is very honest on the show, Katie laughed, "You don't hear them in my ear piece, 'Katie, dont' say nothing!'  I have to keep it so sensible.  I want to do a late night Loose Women.  That would fit me a little bit more."

She revealed that she's in talks for Dancing on Ice, but laughed, "There's a price for Pricey.  We'll just have to see if they've got the money."

Katie Price sings new single I Got U on Loose Women - Ruth Langsford and Coleen Nolan's faces speak for everyone 

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