Monday 22 July 2019

Xpose host Cassie Stokes: 'Fans come to me for advice on coming out'

Cassie Stokes when she was unveiled as the new face of TV3's Xposé. Picture: Brian McEvoy
Cassie Stokes when she was unveiled as the new face of TV3's Xposé. Picture: Brian McEvoy
Ruth O'Neill & Cassie Stokes, at day two of Electric Picnic. Picture: Fergal Phillips
TV3's Cassie Stokes
Cassie Stokes at the VIP Style Awards 2016
Ruth O'Neill and Cassie Stokes at the 3Live experience at Electric Picnic. Photo: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland
‘Xposé’ presenter Cassie Stokes
Cassie Stokes and Myleene Klass
Cassie Stokes at The Marker Hotel for the VIP Style Awards 2016
Cassie Stokes at the TV3 launch in 2016
Ruth O'Neill and Cassie Stokes pictured at The House of Peroni in House, Dublin. Picture: Andres Poveda
Cassie Stokes at the launch of Christmas at AVOCA in their Suffolk Street store. Picture: Kieran Harnett

Sean O'Grady

She might be a new face to Irish screens, but TV3 presenter Cassie Stokes is already carving out a niche for herself among fans - as an agony aunt.

The Xpose host (28), who is one of the few openly gay women in Irish broadcasting, said viewers are turning to her with advice in how to come out to their families.

"I've had some people reach out to me over Snapchat and things like that about my experience coming out. It's four years now since Christmas," she said.

"They are asking for my experience and that's been great. I just tell them my story because I'm not in a position to give an opinion. It's been great."

Cassie Stokes at the TV3 launch in 2016
Cassie Stokes at the TV3 launch in 2016

The popular presenter, who grew up in Canada and Ireland, moved back to Toronto when she was 24 to pursue a broadcasting career and find herself.

"In retrospect, I imagine that I'll look back and think, 'Yeah, that's what I was doing: I was gay and I didn't realise and I needed to go away to figure it out. Because here, I didn't know how to be anyone but the person I was expected to be, or I had been up to then," she previously said.

"You know how Irish women always talk about other women?

"Like, 'Isn't she gorgeous or amazing or has an amazing figure?' Well, I thought the same, so I just thought that was how women thought about other women. Really. And then I got to Canada and I realised, no, that's not what that is. That's something different."

Stokes has been relishing her jam-packed schedule on the entertainment show and said she loves the opportunity to travel with work.

"The last few months have been amazing. I got to go to the Star Wars premiere. I've been in London probably once every two weeks with junkets and stuff.

"I have nothing else to do other than go out all the time for work, and I love being kept very busy," she told the Diary.

As part of TV3 group's new shake-up, Xpose will now feature at different times on both TV3 and 3e.

"We're putting on an amazing show and when it's on TV3, it's between the soaps, and on 3e it will be one of the shows that helps get more viewers to 3e," she said.


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