Tuesday 19 November 2019

X Factor singer Lucy Spraggan hoping to have children with wife

By Lucy Mapstone

The singer rose to fame on The X Factor back in 2012 before dropping out.

Former X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan has revealed she and her wife are hoping to become parents.

Singer-songwriter Lucy, 25, wed Georgina Gordon last summer after proposing on a boat trip on the River Thames.

“We’re in the process but no success so far,” Lucy told DIVA magazine about her parenting plans.

“G’s (Georgina’s) gonna carry first cos I’m a bit s****y with needles.”

Lucy said she would “quite like to be pregnant” but was wary of physically giving birth.

The singer revealed her baby plans after previously announcing she had been given approval to become a foster carer.

“We saw that a lot of refugees were being dropped off around Manchester and Stockport so we were like, ‘Let’s try and help’,” she told the magazine.

“When we got there we realised that there’s loads of kids locally that need care so we just thought, ‘F*** it, let’s do it’. We’re in a good financial and life position, so why not?”

Lucy was tipped to win the X Factor in 2012 but withdrew from the TV show following an illness.

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