Monday 19 August 2019

X Factor reject Ryan Ruckledge shocks Cilla Black fans with 'Dead Cilla' Halloween costume

Former X Factor hopeful Ryan Ruckledge dressed up as the late Cilla Black for Halloween with bruised eye and bloodied legs
Former X Factor hopeful Ryan Ruckledge dressed up as the late Cilla Black for Halloween with bruised eye and bloodied legs
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Former X Factor hopeful Ryan Ruckledge has shocked fans of Cilla Black by dressing up as the late TV star with a bruised eye and bloodied legs.

Cilla Black was buried just three months ago following her death due to a fall on her balcony at her home in Spain.

Ruckledge (23) posted a video of himself to Twitter on Halloween night with the caption, "surprise surprise Cilla's back!".

Ruckledge had earlier tweeted, "Can't wait for Tonight's halloween outfit, again I guarantee not everyone will approve but u can't please everyone!"

His costume, which saw him wear a red wig with a bruised eye, was branded "sickening" by people on social media, although a few people did praise him for his efforts.

On Sunday he posted another image of himself dressed as Cilla and lying on the floor with the caption, "Cilla black was so drunk last night, p***** up s***!".

Later that evening he added, "The death threats can stop now halloweens over and I'm back in normal clothes! People still pecking my head!! Notifications are annoying'"

Ruckledge caused a stir on X Factor during the first stage of boot camp after he got drunk the night before his performance.

Ruckledge lost his cool over his group's choice of Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding.

"I don't hate the competition. I just hate the song," he said before asking for the strongest vodka and orange at the bar.

Later on, he jumped into a pool to sober up, but it was too little, too late.

Judge Ora said: "I just feel like he cares more about the fame side of things rather than the actual talent."

Radio 1 DJ Grimshaw agreed, adding: "He wants to be on Big Brother."

Cowell was brutal in his assessment of Ruckledge: "Your attitude of what you did stank. You let yourself down, you made yourself look like a complete and utter idiot."

He refused to give the unprepared contestant another chance: "I'm not interested in your attitude, your terrible voice and the fact that you decided getting drunk was more important than working with this lot."

As the young man left, Cowell added: "What a horror of a human being."

But Ruckledge had a last word for show bosses: "Tell Simon he can stick his show!"

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