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Whoopi Goldberg warns fake news site: I'm coming for you


Whoopi Goldberg said people shouldn’t be involved in fake news unless they give their permission.

Whoopi Goldberg has hit back at a fake news website that ran a story she claims endangered her life, warning: “I’m coming for you.”

The View host said she is taking legal action after a story claimed she said Navy SEAL widow Carryn Owens appeared at US President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress in February for the “attention”.

Whoopi, 61, said the story on The Underground Report was a “horrible lie”.

She said it jeopardised several relationships she has with veterans and their spouses and endangered her family’s life and her own.

“I’m going to get my lawyer and I’m coming for you,” said the Ghost actress.

Speaking on The View, she said: “I’m going to try to get some legislation going that says if you’re going to involve someone in fake news, you should have their permission.

“You shouldn’t be able to put stuff out there, because clearly you don’t care what could’ve happened to me or to my family.

“Or the fact that there’s a lot of people who said, ‘No, I know you said it’.

“Well actually, if you go on The View site, I said the exact opposite.”

Whoopi said she understands the creator of the site is in Costa Rica, and added: “Man, I’m telling you. You cost me money because I had to protect my family.

“Costa Rica is not big enough for the lawsuit that’s coming your way.”

The Underground Report, which has removed the story, calls itself “a news and political satire web publication” reporting “often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways”.

Owens is the widow of Chief Petty Officer William Owens, who died in Yemen earlier this year.

She received a standing ovation when she was introduced by Trump during a speech last month, which was later discussed on The View.

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