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When Mork met Zig & Zag - Robin Williams' banter with Irish puppet aliens on 'The Big Breakfast'


Robin Williams with Zig & Zag on 'The Big Breakfast'

Robin Williams with Zig & Zag on 'The Big Breakfast'

Robin Williams with Zig & Zag on 'The Big Breakfast'

The late Robin Williams ramped up the zany factor when he appeared on Chris Evans' Channel 4 show 'The Big Breakfast' with gregarious Irish puppets Zig and Zag in the early 90s.

The legendary actor and comedian was game for a laugh when the furry alien duo warned him not to be funnier than Chris Evans and grilled him on being famous.

Zag asked him, "You played Mork from Mork & Mindy, what in your opinion is the worst thing about being an alien?" to which he replied, "The fact your balls are on your ears."

Given he had just lent his voice to the Genie in Aladdin, they then asked, "If you had three wishes what would they be?"

He replied, "First of all I'd like to get some money from that - remember that’s why Mickey (Mouse) only has four fingers - so he can’t pick up a cheque”.

He added, "For everyone in the world to be fed."“Peace on Earth. Totally, everywhere. Like, in a way that’s, like, beyond itself.”

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When they asked, "What's the creepiest thing anyone has said or done to be your friend?" he laughed and revealed, "The creepiest thing was a fan who put me in a headlock and wanted me to kiss his wife."

The slot finished up with Robin attempting to peel an apple in just one go.

He was then asked to find a puncture in a bicycle tyre and quipped he was an "elephant's gynaecologist".

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