Tuesday 24 October 2017

Wedding disaster in Fair City as bad boys Zumo and Denzo fly in from Spain

Robbie and Carol tie the knot alongside Kerri-Ann and Decco. Photo: RTE
Robbie and Carol tie the knot alongside Kerri-Ann and Decco. Photo: RTE
Kerri Ann prepares to leave on her wedding day. Photo: RTE
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

The bad boys of Carrigstown are back.

Zumo and Denzo Bishop are flying in from Spain to attend their brother Decco’s wedding to Kerri-Ann. Denzo has been on the run from gardai and has been keeping a low profile in Spain, until now.

And their surprise arrival is about to make an already stressful situation much worse for Decco.

“Decco is immediately on guard when he sees Zumo and Denzo arrive,” David O’Sullivan, who plays Decco, said.

“He’s made a huge effort to turn his life around over the last few years and is in a really good place right now with Kerri-Ann.”

“So when he sees his brothers pulling up outside the salon he immediately goes into panic mode. Because – as the viewers know – wherever the Bishops are, trouble is never far away.”

The wedding drama intensifies as Carol is furious when she finds out the wedding venue was changed without her consent, and Kerri-Ann’s hen party ends in disaster.

Patrick Fitzpatrick, who plays Zumo, said: “It’s been a while since the Bishops have been in Carrigstown, but of course they couldn’t let the occasion of Decco’s wedding pass without being involved.”

“When Zumo returns he pretty much picks up where he left off. He immediately inserts himself at the centre of the wedding and starts to call the shots, taking over as best man from Mondo, much to the annoyance of Decco.”

“And of course there’s the added complication of Denzo, who is on the run from the Guards! Never a dull moment with them.”

The Bishop brothers' return airs on RTÉ One tonight at 8pm, with the hour-long wedding episode on Thursday at the same time.

Jenny Dixon, who plays Kerri-Ann, previously said that while her nice-as-pie character is going out with bad boy Decco, she thinks they work as a couple.

"Viewers always have different opinions, but I think they work. He has a bad boy image, but it works when they're together," she said.

"She sort of needs someone to look out for her and they're from totally different worlds, but he's at his softest around her and they work well together."

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