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'We screwed up' - Fox News forced to apologise after false report of Baltimore police shooting


Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith

Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith

Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith

Fox News has been forced to apologise after one of their reporters mistakenly reported the shooting of a black man in Baltimore.

The report stated that police had shot a black man who was fleeing the scene in an area near where riots had taken place last week.

Reporter Mike Tobin claimed he had seen police chasing a man and then seen an officer shoot the man as he fled and Fox News video from the scene showed a man in handcuffs with a policeman standing over a gun.

However, Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith was forced to apologise after Baltimore police denied the report.  The force tweeted that the report was "unfounded" and that "Officers have arrested a man with a gun".

Shepherd Smith then issued the apology, saying "Sounds like what happened is we screwed up".

He added, "Mike Tobin thought he saw somebody get shot and there was a gun and a patient on a stretcher and there is would a woman who said she saw the cop gun him down and there’s going to be violence and all the rest of that.

"And what we have is nothing. And the truth is, according to police, there is no gunshot victim.”

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