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'We are an odd match' - Xpose's new girl Cassie on her 'mentor' Vincent Browne


Cassie Stokes

Cassie Stokes

Cassie Stokes

She is the newest face of TV3's fashion show Xpose.

But Dublin presenter Cassie Stokes is no stranger to the halls of the Ballymount broadcaster.

A reporter on 3e's FYI news programme for three years and a tweet correspondent on Tonight with Vincent Browne, Cassie was approached by TV3 about auditioning for the show.

The 28-year-old told the Herald that she stayed in contact with her TV3 pals while living in Canada, including her advice guru Vincent Browne.


Vincent Browne

Vincent Browne

Vincent Browne

"We (still) email back and forth and we will go for drinks. We are an odd match, I act really tough around him," Cassie said.

"He was definitely like a mentor to me, so I will be thrilled to see him and tell him about the job."

After spending more than three years living in Canada and recently relocating to London, the Dundrum girl is happy to put down some roots in Dublin.

The blonde beauty will take over from Karen Koster, who is currently on six months maternity leave.

Cassie, who can't wait for the "glam" side of her new gig which kicks off on Monday, has plenty of experience, having worked for Entertainment Tonight in Canada.

She is currently unattached after splitting from her girlfriend and said she is "very comfortable" with herself, after coming to terms with her sexuality.

"I realised I was gay about three or four years ago. It's been very exciting," she said.

"My family and friends have been incredible. I am very lucky that they have been by my side throughout the whole thing.

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"I'm very comfortable with myself, happy to be who I am and happy to tell people."

The striking blonde has had boyfriends in the past and said it took her a long time to come to the realisation that she is gay.

"I wasn't sure and I didn't know, but now I do. It's a growing phase really, coming to get to know yourself. In your mid-20s I think all of that happens and that's what happened to me."

Cassie, who would love to stay in Ireland long-term, said she was "gutted" to miss last year's gay marriage referendum and held a party with her Canadian friends to celebrate the "incredible" day.

"The reason I came back was because Xpose got in contact with me ... but I guess it helps that we're very accepting here."

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