Thursday 12 December 2019

WATCH: TV station apologises after broadcasting rap battle with offensive lyrics on morning show

CTV Canada AM rap battle
CTV Canada AM rap battle
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A Canadian TV channel has apologised after broadcasting a rap battle with explicit and offensive lyrics on their morning show on Monday.

CTV's morning show Canada AM broadcast the segment promoting an upcoming Toronto rap battle which included a live battle between rappers HFK and Charron.

Unfortunately, battles usually involve two rappers chucking verbal insults at each other in a lyrical and poetic manner and this one was no different although the insults weren't particularly lyrical or clever - they simply managed to run the gamut of offensiveness.

There were jokes about gay people and fat people, and references to virgins and murder despite the early morning broadcast time and the fact it was Family Day in several parts of Canada.

At one point HFK said, "And since I got the spotlight, and I'm on TV, there's something I want to say: Just cause Charron gave me head, it doesn't mean that he's gay. But hey, happy Valentine's Day."

The battle continued uninterrupted for four minutes but once it had finished, Canada AM host Marci Len said, "Because we're a morning show, and this isn't the streets, we gotta apologize for some the language right there."

The show also apologised on Facebook saying, "We would genuinely like to apologize for today’s performance. The lyrics were unexpected and not reflective of our beliefs."

The station refused to upload the segment online although it is available to watch on YouTube (be warned regarding offensive content):

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