Saturday 21 September 2019

WATCH: This guy should be Harry Shearer’s replacement on The Simpsons

A YouTube 'audition video', in which voice actor Brock Baker takes on 14 of Shearer's characters, is gaining traction online

Brock Baker doing Simpsons impressions
Brock Baker doing Simpsons impressions

Rebecca Hawkes

After the news broke that 71-year-old Harry Shearer, the voice actor behind 23 recurring Simpsons characters, was leaving the show after 26 seasons, one question was on everyone's lips: who could possibly replace him?

Now, a possible answer has emerged: could YouTube impressionist and voice actor Brock Baker fit the bill?

In the "Simpsons audition" video above, Colorado-born Baker voices 14 of Shearer's much-loved characters, including Ned Flanders, Mr Burns, Reverend Lovejoy and ill-fated feline Scratchy.

He might not be quite a match for Shearer, but commenters are already praising some of Brocks's impressions.

In the video below, from February 2014, you can also hear Brock take on an impressive 33 characters from the show.

In an interview last week, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how The Simpsons might go about replacing Shearer.

"If we recast Dr. Hibbert, it should be an African-American actor. There are a lot of great African-American voice actors. There’s no reason that all those characters need to be voiced by one person," Jean said. "Also, the person that does the voice could have other funny voices too, which could add to the show."

He also hinted that, while the programme-makers may have some possible replacements in mind, they're definitely not rushing ahead with the re-casting process.

"There are certain people that suggest themselves immediately. But again, we’re not putting out a casting call this week. I mean, he [Shearer] just announced that he’s quitting," Jean said.

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