Monday 23 October 2017

WATCH: Ryan Tubridy reveals Terry Wogan's poignant last message to him

Ryan Tubridy pays tribute to Terry Wogan in Wogan: A Legacy, RTE One 9.35pm
Ryan Tubridy pays tribute to Terry Wogan in Wogan: A Legacy, RTE One 9.35pm
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Ryan Tubridy is among a plethora of names paying tribute to the late Terry Wogan in RTE documentary Wogan: A Legacy.

In the third episode in the series, airing tonight on RTÉ One at 9.35pm, Tubs recalls Terry's very last message to him before his death in January at the age of 77.

Tubridy had covered for Wogan many times on his BBC Radio 2 programme including when Wogan took time off due to illness earlier this year, and they were friends.

"This is Terry Wogan who's all about Britain and knighthoods and yet as he heads into his latter years he's talking about the place that seems to matter to him most, he's talking about home, in a wistful way" says the RTE star.

"And Terry, unsolicited, sent me an email to say, 'My scouts in Ireland have sent me your Irish Times review of my book - how right you are to spot that I'm thinking about my life.'  And I never heard from him again."

Also on the programme, Mike Murphy, Henry Kelly, Dermot O'leary, Gloria Hunniford and Dara O'Briain pay tribute to the legendary star.

O'Briain says that Terry's runaway success in Britain was down to his "classless" accent. 

“He was coming in at a point where the accent in the BBC was received pronunciation," says Dara.

"He probably normalised an Irish accent quicker than a Birmingham accent was normalised or a broad Scottish accent. Terry made the Irish accent very easy to listen to and very common here.

"It is very difficult to place an Irish accent. They have no idea. I could be anything. Me, Bono, Conor McGregor, Saoirse Ronan, we all talk the same here - maybe not Saoirse Ronan.

“He normalised it and he said the reason that it works, an Irish accent here, is because it is classless. Because here they are still, and they certainly would have been 30 years ago, profoundly aware of class and profoundly aware of who you are and where you came from.

"If you can move through here remaining slightly enigmatic so that your background isn’t known, then that is a tremendously useful thing."

Wogan: A Legacy, RTÉ One, Monday, May 23rd at 9.35pm

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