Friday 24 May 2019

WATCH: Panti Bliss recommends a beard, lesbian chic, and leprechauns to Molly Sterling for Eurovision

Panti doles out some Eurovision advice to Molly Sterling
Panti doles out some Eurovision advice to Molly Sterling

Panti Bliss has delivered some unorthodox advice to Ireland's Eurovision entry, Molly Sterling, ahead of her semi-final performance on Thursday night.

Panti is no stranger to commanding a stage so she's perfectly positioned to advise 17-year-old Molly.

"First of all, have you considered growing a beard?" asks Panti.  "A lot of Irish people have beards.

"And at Eurovision everyone needs a gimmick.  Leprechauns?  Or have you considered a leather jumpsuit?  It really worked for Linda Martin."

On a roll, she continues, "How about dressing down a little, jeans, t-shirt, maybe strap your boobs down, crew cut, lesbian chic?

"You're pretty.  You could be prettier with a lot more make-up."

Molly simply took the advice in as Panti added, "Let me get this clear, you're an actual girl?  That could work against you.  How long have you been living as a girl?

"Have you considered employing an odious little man?  It worked for someone."

Check out the chat here:

Molly has had a busy week in the run up to Eurovision. Last night she attended the Irish Eurovision party.

The band (Poilin Lynch, Darren Sweeney, Naomi Clarke, Jimmy Rainsford and Jessica Supple) performed Molly's Eurovision song Playing with Numbers, another song written by Molly called Build Fireworks Again and covers including Seven Nation Army and With or Without You.

Guest Niamh Kavanagh sang her Eurovision winning song In Your Eyes.

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Speaking to Molly, she said, "Own that stage. You’re going to be up there and there’ll be millions looking at you with love and support. You just be your wonderful self and you’ll knock ‘em dead.’"

Molly wasn't even born with Niamh won in 1993, but she was aware of the song and Niamh.

"She really takes you under her wing. You feel like she really cares and understands. She has an amazing voice. And that amazing hair – I want it!" she said.

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