Tuesday 23 April 2019

WATCH: Katie Hopkins tells Angela Scanlon to go home to potato-loving Ireland

Angela Scanlon reacts to Katie Hopkins' barbs
Angela Scanlon reacts to Katie Hopkins' barbs
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Controversial columnist Katie Hopkins has locked horns with Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon in an interview for Close Encounters.

During the episode, which aired on Wednesday on BBC Three, Katie took a pop at Irish people twice.

She described herself as the "Jesus of the outspoken" and added, "I'll be very offensive to the Catholic people of Ireland".

The 41-year-old columnist went on to question whether or not we have Marks and Spencers in Ireland.

"As the Jesus of the outspoken I think it's important that I spread my messages whilst I'm still here on earth and one of those messages could be, never wear a legging," she continued, before asking, "If you buy a legging from, say, Marks and Spencers. Do you have Marks and Spencers?"

A clearly unimpressed Angela (32) replied, "Yes, we do.  We also have electricity."

"So you're almost civilised but you also like potatoes," said Katie, at which point Angela said, "We also have manners as well, usually built in..."

Katie then questioned why Angela chooses to live in the UK.

"You've come to live in England because... you like it better?"

"No, I don't like it better," retorted Angela as Katie said, "So go home then."

Angela went on to reason that the UK simply "pays better".

The pair had been getting in famously for most of the programme, with Katie revealing she would "swing both ways, given the freedom to do that".

Angela interviewed the mouthy personality in her dressing room after Hopkins had been filming for her TLC series If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World and they also interviewed each other on Hopkins' bed.

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