Tuesday 28 January 2020

WATCH: Holland's Got Talent has had its very own spine-tingling Subo moment (get the hankies out)

Nick Nicolai auditions for Holland's Got Talent
Nick Nicolai auditions for Holland's Got Talent
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A 19-year-old who has been bullied at school for being overweight has had his very own Susan Boyle moment on Holland's Got Talent.

Nick Nicolai sang the classic That's Life by Etta James and earned himself a standing ovation from the four judges as his parents sobbed with joy back stage.

In his VT before his performance Nick revealed he is bullied at school over his weight.

"I've been bullied a lot because I was different than other people. That's what they think.  And they always call me 'fat' because I'm quite heavy," he told the presenter.

"They call me 'fatty' and they ask me why I eat so much.

"It has a big impact on my life, because I hear those things every day."

Nick has a studio at home where he sings but the neighbours didn't like it and have called the police to complain so Nick's parents moved the family to another home so he could pursue his dream.

"It's so sweet that my parents wanted t move, because singing is my only passion," said Nick.

As he took to the stage, the four judges were visibly sceptical about him.

"That's Etta James.  That's a little bit over-ambitious.  Are you ready?" said one, before she turned to her fellow judge and added, "You know what happens when people sing 'At Last'.... Maybe it's very good, we don't know."

After his standing ovation, the same judge (who was the only one to remain seated) said, "You've really shown the bullies now. You've really got something to give."

"We did not expect this at all," said another. 

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