Monday 22 July 2019

WATCH: Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling just couldn't hold it together for ITV interview and it's brilliant

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on This Morning
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on This Morning
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling had the time of their lives during a video interview with Alison Hammond for ITV's This Morning.

Press tours are gruelling, mind-numbing endeavours for actors (and often for the journalists interviewing them) and when the subject matter is a highly anticipated, dystopian film like Blade Runner 2049 it doesn't lend itself to lightweight interviews.

Or so you would think.

As the lads are having their microphones fitted, presenter Hammond jokes the she has never seen the original film, which prompts Gosling to laugh, "I appreciate your candour!"

As the interview begins she says, "Bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest - and that's just my interviewing technique."

Gosling very quickly resorted to pouring himself what looks like a whiskey and Hammond did the same.

She asked Ford what he said when he got the call saying they were making a new film and he said, "So, what".

Hammond joked about the money being the main factor and Ford laughed, "I said, 'Show me the money!' I said, 'Show me the script', anyway..." and promptly took a swig of Gosling's drink.

Hammond asked Gosling about knitting on set and when he wouldn't play ball she turned back to Ford, at which point Gosling asked the crew if they needed help with the cameras and scarpered.

It's even better than it sounds:

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