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WATCH: 'Garda Down Under' returns home to excited welcome from dog on which he's spending €6000 to bring to Australia


Joe Connolly and his dog Riggs

Joe Connolly and his dog Riggs

Joe Connolly and his dog Riggs

Ex-Garda Joe Connolly ditched Ireland to head to Western Australia where he now works as a police officer and life is great, apart from one thing.

As well as missing family and friends Joe has been pining for his dog Riggs and tonight's episode of 'Garda Down Under' sees him make a surprise visit home, much to his mum and Riggs' delight.

The main reason for his visit is to bring Riggs back to Austrlia - at a cost of a cool €6000.

Also in tonight’s episode: Michael Henderson, based in Kununurra 3,200 kms from Perth, and his fellow police officer and fiancée, Sarah Wollersheim, deal with a medical emergency.

Dubliner Peter Crosbie, meanwhile, is called to the scene of a car-jacking in Perth where he meets up with fellow Irishman, Detective Ciaran Cleary who’s in charge of the crime scene. It’s a complex case and Peter is going to have to work overtime to forensically catalogue all the evidence.

Recent recruit Martin Mitchell, an ex-Garda from Tipperary and his girlfriend, Niamh, move house and ex-PSNI officer Rachel McCallum encounters a drunk driver who tries to charm his way out of an arrest by chancing his arm with a poor attempt at an Irish accent.

Garda Down Under 8.30pm RTE One

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