Thursday 19 September 2019

WATCH: From Brexit to Love Island stars - Ryan Tubridy reveals what new season has in store

Ryan Tubridy talks Late Late Show new season
Ryan Tubridy talks Late Late Show new season

Niamh Lynch

Love Island won’t be leaving our screens just yet, as Ryan Tubridy said plans are in motion for some of the contestants to appear on the much loved chat show. 

Speaking at the launch of RTÉ’s autumn schedule, Ryan told “I’ve been travelling around the country for the summer with my radio show and we’ve been hearing two things; Brexit is a concern and Love Island was the best thing that ever happened. So what do we do with that?”

“Well Brexit we’ll see you later but we’ll talk about it and reflect what’s happening in the country. The Love Island thing is fascinating because here was a show that was going down the toilet, no one wanted to watch it, they were saying it was the worst season ever,” said the presenter. 

“What do they do? They brought in Maura - an Irish woman and what does she do? She turns the ship around and suddenly it’s the most watched thing on tv in years and then it gets won by an Irishman.” 

For the first show of the season, Ryan also hopes to look at the legacy of Irish service men and women: “One thing I’m very keen to happen is a look at and a salute to the men and women of this country in uniform to say thank you and between that level of serious gratitude and then the Love Island frivolity - that’s the sense of where we’re going to be going on this season of the Late Late Show.”

While the London show of the long-running chat show last year was one of the season’s most watched, Ryan wants to move within Ireland this year

“If we can get the show on the road at least once to another city in the country, just to get out of being in the same place all the time, that would be great, so I would like to go to Galway or Donegal or maybe Cork, and do at least one show beyond the walls of Montrose.” 

The Late Late Show will be back for its 58th season next month, which will mark Tubridy’s 11th year as host.

And his aspirations for his dream interview guest hasn’t changed in that time: “I’ve always been banging a drum for the last 15 years for Paul McCartney. He’s just one of those people, I’ve been to see him in concert ten times.” 

“I just think he has a great story to tell - somebody like that would be lovely. But that’s just purely satisfying my own needs, I don’t know what anyone else wants, but we’ve got a super line-up particularly for show one coming back so I won’t be disappointed and hopefully the viewers won’t be disappointed.”

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