Saturday 21 September 2019

WATCH: Chris O'Dowd reveals long-form prank he's playing on 15 week old son

Chris O'Dowd on Conan
Chris O'Dowd on Conan
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Chris O'Dowd has revealed a long-form joke he's plotting to play on his 15-week-old son which will come to fruition when he's 14 or 15.

Appearing on the Conan O'Brien show he shared his hilarious plans, although said he hadn't yet shared them with his wife, Dawn O'Pprter.

He said, "I'll bring him to the park in the morning and sometimes there'll be a family hanging out, having a picnic, and sometimes I give him to the family and take a picture."

O'Dowd, who said he's been dressing his son in an assortment of "gypsy scarves" and the likes, plans on having the photos developed and hiding them behind other photos in a frame in the family home.

"When he's around 14 or 15 he'll say, 'I need a frame.' and I'll say, 'Well why don't you get one of the ones upstairs.  And he'll pull out the photo and he'll think he belongs to another family!"

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