Sunday 20 October 2019

WATCH: BBC presenters left red-faced in embarrassing introduction gaffe

BBC Breakfast
BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast presenters were left red-faced when they introduced the wrong guest in a very awkward moment caught on camera.

Presenter Jon Kay, launched into a detailed and lengthy introduction of the man he mistakenly thought he was about to interview.

Sitting beside co-host Rachel Burden, Kay introduced a segment on a British hero Leslie Binns, who helped save a woman's life while trekking up Mount Everest.

He praised "Leslie Binns" for attempting to climb the mountain again, having previously failed when he had to turn back to rescue stricken Indian climber Sunita Hazra.

But it wasn't Binns, Kay was addressing. It was, in fact, Dr Todd Landman, an academic who was due to discuss recent claims that Russian hackers influenced the US election.

As the camera cuts to Dr Todd Landman, he tells Kay, with a slight bemused expression on his face: "I think you've got the wrong guest, sir."

The presenters were a little flustered but recovered well with Kay remarking: "You look so heroic!" Burden then intervened to say: "Hmm, he doesn't necessarily look like a mountaineer".

After viewers picked up on the gaffe, Kay jokingly tweeted: "OK, so no-one noticed that...  We'll carry on. Wrong guest? Wrong story? Nah. The viewers won't guess. Aaaaagh.  @BBCBreakfast @rachelburden".

And Burden added: "That moment when you're supposed to be talking to a mountaineer, an academic sits down next to you, and you go with it anyway @BBCBreakfast".

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