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Viewers were not too thrilled with the ending of The Replacement


Fans praised the show, but felt the finale was lacking.

Some viewers have been left disappointed after the BBC drama The Replacement reached its conclusion.

As the three-part show came to an end on Tuesday, fans felt that the apparently sudden resolution left unanswered questions.

The show about expectant architect Ellen (Morven Christie), who fears that her maternity cover Paula (Vicky McClure) is trying to sabotage her, ended as Paula was finally exposed after taking Ellen’s baby hostage.

But while tensions reached boiling point during the finale, leading viewers to question whether Ellen’s suspicions really were just paranoia, the abrupt conclusion left some even more confused.

And, of course, they took their complaints to Twitter…

But, on the whole, the series went down well with viewers during the BBC One 9-10pm time slot.

The show has been dividing opinions since its beginning last month, with some feeling that the story of a jealous pregnant woman was stereotypical and even offensive.

After the first episode, one person wrote: “#TheReplacement give up now. Could have done office politics without the female stereotypes but that’s too much to ask in 2017.”

Another said: “Dreadful story line! Pretending pregnant women are crazy and a risk. Utter BS and depressing! #TheReplacement.”

The show’s writer and director Joe Ahearne said at the time: “The fact it’s a pregnant woman going through this intensifies the dilemma.

“Women get attacked from every side when they make decisions about how to manage the change in their life.

“Whatever decision they make is challenged and dissected. It’s the perfect landscape for paranoia and suspense.”

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