Friday 15 December 2017

Viewers left in shock after night of high drama on Fair City ends in tragedy

Heather sprays Farrah with hairspray as she tries to escape with Ellie. Image: Fair City/RTE
Heather sprays Farrah with hairspray as she tries to escape with Ellie. Image: Fair City/RTE
Heather sprays Farrah with hairspray as she tries to escape with Ellie. Image: Fair City/RTE
Heather discovers that Ciaran is keeping Katy captive. Newstalk

Viewers were left aghast after a night of high drama in Carrigstown which saw Heather jump from the second storey of a shopping centre after a tense showdown with Farrah and her daughter Ellie.

Heather was determined to take Ellie away from Farrah and it's pretty clear she'll stop at nothing to be with her daughter.

Farrah wasn't convinced Heather could take adequate care of the little girl and wanted Ellie to remain with her. Unfortunately for Farrah, Heather was not taking no for an answer.

Consumed by rage, Heather grabbed Farrah's throat and tries to choke her before squirting hairspray in her eyes and fleeing with Ellie.

More convinced than ever that Ellie is in danger by being with her unstable mother, Farrah called the gardai.

While a taxi driver was loading Heather and Ellie's bags into the boot, a squad car pulled up behind them.

Acting on instinct, Heather jumped into the driver's seat and took off with Ellie. Believing them to be safe, Heather abandoned the car and took the young girl into a shopping centre but two gardai spotted them going inside.

The guards confronted the unwell mother on the stairs and moves Ellie dangerously close to the edge to prevent them taking her. Renee, Hughie, Farrah and Ciaran all arrived and realised what was going on.

Renee tried to talk Heather out of doing something she will regret and the other Carrigstown residents held their breath as they waited to see what Heather would do next and were shocked to see her jump from the second storey of the shopping centre.

Following Heather's fall Ciaran could be seen smiling on screen.

It comes after Heather recently discovered Ciaran has been holding Katy captive and came close to blowing one of the biggest storylines in the long-running soap's history.

Viewers saw Heather discover Katy on Ciaran's tablet while she was snooping in his workshop. She only agreed to keep his secret quiet when he told her that Ellie had been staying with him and Farrah.

Katy has been held captive by Ciaran since May of last year and it looks like the storyline could finally be coming to a close. If Heather loses her daughter she will have no reason to keep his secret quite.

Ciaran tells Katy that Heather has just been released from a mental hospital and if she were to tell, no one will believe her.

Katy remains hopeful Heather will rescue her and bring her captor to justice but soon realises no one is coming for her.

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