Thursday 22 August 2019

Viewers couldn't understand the O'Donovan brothers on The Graham Norton Show

Paul and Gary O'Donovan on The Graham Norton Show. Image: BBC/YouTube
Paul and Gary O'Donovan on The Graham Norton Show. Image: BBC/YouTube

Amy Mulvaney

The O'Donovan brothers' interview on The Graham Norton Show went down a treat with viewers last night - despite the fact that multiple viewers weren't able to understand what they were saying.

Gary and Paul O'Donovan were far from Skibereen on New Year's Eve as they sat with Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Frank Skinner and James MacAvoy on The Graham Norton Show.

The two rowers, who shot to fame after their Olympics interviews went viral, left British viewers bewildered with their Cork accents.

"Bless the Irish rowers on Graham Norton. They seem like lovely blokes but I haven't got a single clue what they're saying!" wrote one viewer on Twiiter.

"I still can't understand what these two Irish guys are saying," wrote another.

"Honestly these Irish guys on Graham Norton have such strong accents I had to put the subtitles on."

"Nice to see my mum, who is an Irish citizen, had no idea what those rowers were saying."

Even Allied actress Marion Cotillard struggled to understand the pair, and shrugged her shoulders in confusion when they spoke to her.

Despite the accent barrier, Paul and Gary's appearance was very well received by viewers, who were left in stitches when they left their Olympic medals on the stage.

"Loved the O'Donovan brothers on Graham Norton. Hilarious. Left the stage without their Olympic medals."

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