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VIDEO: Graham Norton talks Madonna snub, and igniting a bromance between Lenny Kravitz and Bradley Cooper


Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton

In part 5 of our video series with Graham Norton, the TV presenter tells Barry Egan why he's not friends with his celebrity guests.

Speaking from his publisher's office in London as his memoir, 'The Life and Loves of a He-Devil'. Graham Norton reveals the biggest misconception people have about him.

"Weirdly I never used to have an answer for this question - I do now!" he says.

"People think I hang out with the guests on the show.  They think I kind of move in a celebrity circle, and I don't."

Asked if he was disappointed to be snubbed by Madonna, he says, "I was a bit put out!"

He adds, "Also, in a way I don't want to be friends with these people.  I talk about this in the book.  When I see people in the green room, like last night we taped a show and Lenny Kravitz was on.  I said, 'Thanks for being on the show' and he said, 'Oh, thank you.  I made such a good friend the last time I was on the show.  He's like my brother.'

"He had met Bradley Cooper.  He'd never met him before and now they stay in each other's houses.  Like they can't afford hotels, is what I was thinking! They bunk up, they're bessie mates!  I was like, how did that happen?  Hello, on my show!  Why aren't we friends? But equally I know why we're not."

The Life And Loves Of A He-Devil by Graham Norton is published by Hodder & Stoughton, price €28.99 hardback

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