Saturday 21 September 2019

Very first actor to die on Game of Thrones auditioned for the part of Jon Snow

Rob Ostlere during his short-lived stint in Game of Thrones
Rob Ostlere during his short-lived stint in Game of Thrones
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

An actor who auditioned for the role of Jon Snow ending up playing the very first character to be slain on Game of Thrones.

Rob Ostlere auditioned for the role of Snow, who is a key character heading into the forthcoming ninth season, as well as the role of Theon Greyjoy (played by Alfie Allen) among others.

Kit Harington eventually secured the part of Snow, however, while Ostlere's stint on the show was rather more short-lived as his character Waymar Royce was killed by a white walker five minutes into the first episode.

It was the first death of an estimated 175,000 (according to one Game of Thrones fan) in a series punctuated by the shocking deaths of a number of key characters including Sean Bean's Ned Stark to Hodor (Kristian Nairn) to Jon Snow himself (although he made a return).

Speaking to inews he said, “They’d ask me if I’d like to audition for, say Theon. They’d say, ‘Oh do you want to have a look at this part?’ and you would come in the next day and have a look and study every reference of the given character in the original books, highlight it, make notes.”

“With Jon I just had to give it my best and sometimes you don’t quite get the essence of them – some of them stick well with you, some of them don’t."

Although the show is known for its particularly inventive and gruesome deaths, Rob's death as it was originally filmed was deemed "too graphic" to air.

The death involved him being sliced in half lengthways, which was, he says, "fun filming".

“They get a bit of green tape which they put across your body and then there’s that horror movie type scenario where one half of your body goes one way and one half goes the other," he told inews.

“You fall right first and then you fall the other way and then they put those two together in the studio. It was very fun filming it.”

The final series kicks off on HBO on April 14 and is simulcast across the UK and Ireland on Sky Atlantic  (at 2am. April 15)  However, the episode will air again at 9pm on Sky Atlantic on April 15.

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