Saturday 14 December 2019

Una Foden 'angry' and 'offended' by Bressie's favouritism accusations on The Voice of Ireland

Una Foden is not impressed by Bressie's comments
Una Foden is not impressed by Bressie's comments
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The coaches are getting tetchy this week and for once it does not involve Kian Egan.

In the second week of battles, 14 contestants go head to head to win a place in the Live Knockouts.

However, while pairs of contestants will be pitted against each other with duets on Sunday night, the biggest rivalry sparks between coaches Una Foden and Bressie.

Bressie criticises Una's choice of song for contestants Mags White from Cork and Daniel O'Donnell's drummer Nigel Connell from Meath and accuses her of favouritism.

Una pits Mags and Nigel against each other for the second time - this time singing John Newman's 2013 hit Love Me Again.

After the performance Bressie says, "It was a good arrangement of that song but it definitely suited you more Nigel.

"It's a male vocal really and it's in that particular register you can break your voice up and get raspy.

"That one one hand isn't massively fair when a singer can't sing in the register where they're strongest."

Una says she is "angry" and "offended" by the comments.

"That's a massive swipe at me to say that. I'm offended you said that because you basically said I was unfair to [Mags]," she says.

"She sang her heart out and you could hear that she's an amazing singer.  I'm going to get you back."

Sunday night's battles:

Team Una:

Mags White vs Nigel Connell

Eimear Crealey vs Maria Cuche

Team Bressie:

David Idioh vs Marc Egan

Karen McBride vs Pauric O’Meara

Team Kian:

Darragh Lee vs Andrew Berry

Laura Doyle vs Cathy Moore

Team Rachel:

Laura O’Connor vs Sophie McDermott

The Voice of Ireland, RTE One, Sunday at the later time of 7pm.

'I would see there's a place for two of them at RTE' - Kathryn Thomas on The Voice of Ireland and Ireland's Got Talent 

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