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Twilight's Taylor Lautner wows as Andy Samberg's replacement in BBC series 'Cuckoo'


Twilight's Taylor Lautner impresses as Andy Samberg's replacement in BBC series 'Cuckoo'

Twilight's Taylor Lautner impresses as Andy Samberg's replacement in BBC series 'Cuckoo'

Twilight's Taylor Lautner impresses as Andy Samberg's replacement in BBC series 'Cuckoo'

Fans feared the death knell had been sounded when Andy Samberg was forced to quit BBC Three comedy 'Cuckoo' after the first series due to his committments to Golden Globe-winning series 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'.

Twilight star Taylor Lautner, famed thus far more for his pecs than his comedic talents, was drafted in as a replacement, sending fans of the Midlands-set comedy into a further frenzy of fear given Lautner has little or no experience within the realm of comedy.

However, the first episode of the second series, which aired last night, has assuaged those reservations with Lautner garning overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Playing Dale Jr, the son of the departed Dale 'Cuckoo' Ashbrick (who apparently went missing, presumed dead,  in the Himalayas), Lautner was seamlessly written into proceedings as his character arrived searching for his long lost dad.

Reviewer Gerard O'Donovan, writing in The Telegraph, praised the writers' skills and the young star's turn.

"And as for Lautner's performance, it was very good indeed. He affected a weird giggle and a goofy smile which he pulled off very well; he had a scruffy beard to begin with but shaved it into a more achingly fashionable form once his character was established; and he even took his clothes off at one stage (with a suitable to-camera gasp from Rachel).

"All in all, a convincingly whacky, winningly whimsical performance."

The Guardian was also impressed, "Episode one is certainly promising, and it seems that the topsy-turvy world of the Thompsons has some life left in it yet.

"Hopefully the five episodes that follow it won't offer a retread of the first series but rather a new direction for the smart, offbeat comedy."

FemaleFirst.co.uk chimed in with, "Luckily he's a natural. Delivering line after line about his strange cult (that really isn't a cult - it's the first line of their morning ritual) whilst wearing an awfully scratchy-looking fake beard, his charm and technique pulled viewers in within seconds", whilst fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their appreciation.

One tweeted: "If Taylor Launter continues to be this funny in #Cuckoo, I'll forgive him for the Twilight series" whilst another said, "Taylor Lautner is actually funny! Who knew?!"

Cuckoo repeats tonight, Friday Aug 8, at 9pm on BBC3

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