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TV's Katie Piper says young daughter asks about her scars from acid attack


She tells her little girl that “mummy got burnt”.

Acid attack survivor Katie Piper said her three-year-old daughter has started to ask about the scars on her face.

The TV presenter and former model was badly scarred and left blind in one eye in an assault arranged by her ex-boyfriend in 2008, and has since undergone more than 100 operations to rebuild her face after being left disfigured.

The 33-year-old shared her surprise that her daughter Belle has already questioned her over her appearance, and that she tells her that she was “burnt”.

Katie told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine: “She asks about the scars and I explain: ‘Mummy got burnt’.

“Sometimes she’ll ask if it hurts and I tell her it used to, but not any more. When I go into hospital for operations on my nose she’ll come with me, and she has her own little doctor’s kit.”

Katie added: “She’s recently started asking about it, which I thought was so early.”

The TV personality said Belle thinks the tubes she wears in her nose to stop the scars from sealing over are “so cool”, and that the youngster “thinks they are similar to jewellery”.

Katie said: “There are pictures of me in bandages and with my mask on around the house and we’re very open about things, so it won’t be one big reveal one day.

“She’s aware of everything that’s going on, and we tell her what she wants to know when she asks.”

Katie, who is married to long-term partner Richard Sutton, said they do not try to shield Belle from her past, but that she actively does not speak negatively about her appearance in front of her.

She said: “I always try to pass on a positive mind-set to her.

“She’s at an age where she copies things I say, so I won’t repeat any negative affirmations about how I look or feel.

“I don’t want her growing up thinking like that. Of course, I have highs and lows like everyone else, but I make more effort to be positive now because of her.”

Philanthropist Katie recently released a book entitled Confidence: The Secret, in which she draws on her own experiences and offers guidance to readers on finding inner confidence.

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