Wednesday 18 September 2019

TV3's Blind Date contestant Eileen (60) 'fed up of waiting' for love

Elieen Doyle on TV3's Blind Date
Elieen Doyle on TV3's Blind Date

Fiona Doyle

Eileen Doyle took matters into her own hands when she decided to appear on Blind Date at the age of 60.

Eileen, from Dublin's Whitehall, was delighted when she was picked to go on the show, hosted by Al Porter, and ended up at The Helix for filming. She said she had given up waiting for her girlfriends to set her up on a date so seized the initiative herself.

"I said, 'right, I will have to take matters into my own hands'," she said. She applied for the show after seeing an ad on TV.

Eileen explained that some of her friends were shocked at her appearance on the programme, but that she enjoyed the experience.

"My daughter was home from New Zealand. She was home for my birthday on May 14," she said. "We were in the house and it was after dinner and we stuck the TV on, and my daughter saw Al Porter on the screen. She said 'mam, you have to do that'.

"I said OK. I didn't need any encouragement. She wanted me to do it straight away and gave me her laptop."

Viewers will see on tomorrow's show that Eileen was one of the three ladies hoping to be picked.

"I was number one," she said. "The other girls on the show were great craic and we all got on great."

Eileen is no stranger to life in front of the camera as she also works as a movie extra.

"In the one I did recently, I was a corpse called Maggie in a coffin. The movie is called Dark Lies The Island."

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