Friday 20 September 2019

TV favourite Eastenders proved more of a winner than Enda Kenny's live interview on RTE last night

Taoiseach Enda Kenny on RTE's Prime Time. Photo: RTE
Taoiseach Enda Kenny on RTE's Prime Time. Photo: RTE
Bobby Beale played by Eliot Carrington who was revealed as the killer of Lucy Beale in the BBC One soap, EastEnders Newsdesk Newsdesk

TV favourite Eastenders proved more of a winner than Enda Kenny with the Irish public last night.

Yesterday’s long-awaited Eastenders Flashback episode won over 70,000 more viewers than RTE Prime Time's live interview with the Government leader.

An average of 414,000 viewers watched The Flashback episode, while 341,000 viewers on average watched Prime Time.

RTE made an unusual call last night when it postponed the live interview with Mr Kenny to allow the signficant episode of Eastenders to be broadcast.

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Prime Time’s live studio interview with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, much anticipated by politics buffs, took place at 10pm instead of 9.30pm.

A spokesperson for RTÉ said the decision to sideline the Taoiseach for Eastenders was the right one.

“RTÉ One performed very well last night. The strong ratings for both EastEnders and Prime Time show that enabling the widest possible audience to watch both programmes live on RTÉ One was the right thing to do.”

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Last night RTE said once it was made aware by the BBC of the “significance” of the Eastenders episode it “made a decision to simulcast the episode with the BBC rather than disappoint Eastenders fans”.

The BBC had been keeping detailed programming information on Eastenders under wraps recently, due to the confidential nature of the ‘Who Killed Lucy?’ EastEnders storyline .

The Lucy Beale murder mystery has gripped EastEnders fans for the last 10 months, and last night her killer – Bobby – was finally revealed.

Last night’s Eastenders at 7:30pm on RTÉ One had an average of 515,000 viewers.

RTE’s spokesperson added : “Eastenders proved that after 30 years it continues to be a huge favourite with Irish TV viewers, with both episodes last night attracting approximately 700,000 viewers each across broadcasts on RTÉ One, RTÉ Player and BBC One.”

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