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Top chef Marco Pierre White to replace the late Paolo Tullio on The Restaurant


Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White

TV3 presenter Anna Daly

TV3 presenter Anna Daly

The cast of Red Rock at The Westbury Hotel when TV3 highlighted its autumn schedule. Photo: Brian McEvoy

The cast of Red Rock at The Westbury Hotel when TV3 highlighted its autumn schedule. Photo: Brian McEvoy


Marco Pierre White

TOP chef Marco Pierre White is set to replace the late Paolo Tullio as a critic on the new season of The Restaurant.

The new series will also be filmed at his restaurant in Donnybrook.

The news was announced at TV3's autumn schedule preview yesterday when it was revealed Ireland AM would now have a weekend slot, the Great Irish Bake Off is returning and TV3 will screen all 48 rugby world cup matches.

Anna Daly will present Saturday AM with Simon Delaney and Sunday AM with Ivan Yates and admitted she was "nervous" about the new show.

"I'm always nervous about a new project because I want it to work out and I've done six years on Ireland AM so to walk away from that, it's a risk and a gamble," she told the Herald.

"We're starting from scratch. There's a bit of pressure on but at the same time it's really exciting.

The chief organiser of Taste of Dublin paid tribute to the late food writer Paolo Tullio at the launch of this year’s festival as mourners gathered in Trinity College for his funeral service today.

"Simon brings a lot of fun, he's a messer. We need to analyse the Sunday papers so Ivan's contribution there is huge. He's been a minister so what better person to ask the political questions.

"I leave Ireland AM on July 2 and we go live on August 29," she added.

Ivan, who co-hosts Newtalk's breakfast show, says it will be a real "challenge".

"This is completely different. There isn't a comparable programme on RTE or UTV so it's high-risk, a big challenge and I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to television so I will be dependant on Anna to do all the serious, professional stuff," he said.

Viewers can also look forward to season two of garda soap Red Rock and new shows such as The Great Irish Menu and a homegrown version of Australian reality show, House Rules.