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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Tonight on Fair City: Carol's henchmen in balaclavas rob the bar's booze

Carol directs Cathal to steal all the booze
Carol directs Cathal to steal all the booze

Sean O'Grady

Carol plays with fire in tonight's Fair City as she resorts to drastic measures to get revenge on husband Robbie for his fling with Aoife.

Carol (Aisling O'Neill) is heartbroken over Robbie's (Karl Shiels) tryst.

Cathal (Eric Lalor) approaches her with an offer to team up and take over Robbie's Station Bar.

Although she initially refuses, she changes her mind when she sees Robbie share an intimate moment with Aoife (Lesley Conroy).

Out for blood, Carol approaches Cathal with a plan for revenge to steal all the booze from the Station and call Robbie down to see what they have done.

Later that night, Carol waits in the Station Bar until Cathal arrives with two henchmen wearing balaclavas. He asks Carol if she has she switched off the CCTV camera and is dismayed when he realises she has kept it on so Robbie can watch it all unfold later.

"Robbie's not going to call the guards on me. Anyway I want him to see this," she tells him. Cathal tells her he doesn't want to end up in front of a judge.

Carol lifts up his balaclava and turns his face towards the camera and says: "Trust me. Now wave to Robbie."

The henchmen stack crates of booze on to a handtruck while Carol takes out her phone to ring Robbie.

Cathal tries to stop her and asks: "Are you mental?" Not worried about the consequences for Cathal, Carol replies: "No, but Robbie is going to be."

Cathal grows anxious about how Robbie will react while Carol relishes taking revenge.

Fair City airs tonight on RTE One at 8pm


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