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'To try to tarnish his name is disgusting' - Jade Lynch on Helen Wood's 'rapist' comments to Brian Belo


Big Brother evictee Jade Lynch talks about Brian Belo and Helen Wood on Ireland AM

Big Brother evictee Jade Lynch talks about Brian Belo and Helen Wood on Ireland AM

Big Brother evictee Jade Lynch talks about Brian Belo and Helen Wood on Ireland AM

Polyamorous Irish model Jade Lynch has come out in defence of fellow Big Brother housemate Brian Belo who was prompted to leave house following comments made by Helen Wood.

Wood, who had clashed with Belo throughout their time on the show, labelled the BB7 winner a "rapist" and "murderer" before he exited over the wall.

Her comments prompted 1,100 viewers to complain to Ofcom, and Jade called her behaviour "disgusting".

Speaking to Sinead Desmond and Mark Cagney on Ireland AM, Jade said, "Aaron got kicked out for basically exposing himself. Marc did the same thing - he only got a warning - and to call somebody a rapist and a murderer and especially about somebody like Brian Belo, everybody knows that he is a nice guy and to call him that and tarnish his name is way or try to tarnish his name is disgusting.

"She should have been kicked out of the house.”

Jade revealed she's going on a date with fellow former housemate Brian Belo tonight.

She struck up a budding romance with Belo in the house and she revealed they are going on their first official date tonight (Friday).

"When you’re in that house, you form bonds with people so fast," she said.

"He was only in the house five days and we kind of bonded already but he’s just my kind of person. He’s spiritual like me, he likes energies and stuff and we just clicked really fast.”

However, it wasn't all plain sailing for Jade (24).  She initially clashed with fellow Irish housemate Marc O'Neill, although she said they came to an understanding.

“Marc didn’t know me before he came in the house," she said.

"He said he’d heard of me and he was listening to little flutters on the internet but me and Marc had a grand chat and he understood what the situation was so he took me for what I was in the house and it is exactly what I am.”

When questioned about her polyamory, Jade decided to explain her perception of it once and for all.

“To me it means for me to be able to be free and to be able to experience everything that life has to throw at me, beautiful situations with other people," she said.

“It’s not even about sex, it really isn’t. It’s just about experience and emotion with other people.”

As for the remaining housemates, Jade said she feels Nick could win.

“Nick, Nick’s my winner. Here’s my top four – Joel, Marc, Nick and Chloe.”

Big Brother broadcasts every night on TV3 and 3e.

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