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'This is a very apt show for the moment we are living through now' - Emilia Fox on Sky One’s wonderfully successful foodie drama Delicious

Emilia Fox and Dawn French
Emilia Fox and Dawn French
Emilia Fox
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

When Emilia Fox sets out her vision for the future, all roads point to Ireland.

The stunning actress who has been one of the most familiar faces on our TV screens for many years is back for a third instalment of Sky One’s wonderfully successful foodie drama Delicious and along with her on-screen sparring partner Dawn French, she has served up the most appetising helping yet from life inside the Penrose Hotel.

Yet despite all her success on stage and screen, Fox has told us that she has a burning desire to take centre-stage in front of the cameras in Ireland.

“I have had a lot of Irish connections in my life, but I have not managed to get a role to work in Ireland and that is certainly a box I need to tick off on my to-do list,” begins Fox, who was once married to Jarred Harris, son of Irish acting legend Richard.

“My sister is married to an Irishman and lived over there for a while and I love the atmosphere when I go over. Enjoying life is a very good thing to do and the Irish do that better than most.

“This is one of the reasons why I’m so keen to work in Ireland if I get a chance. It is one of the places I want to work.”

Delicious fans will lap up the feast coming their way in season three of the Cornwall-based drama, with the introduction of Mason Elliott (played by Vincent Regan) adding spice to the already complex relationship shared by business partners Sam and chef Gina (played by Fox and French).

The love triangles that have been a central platform of this compelling story take fresh twists in a variety of directions, with Fox relishing the chance to link up with her beloved friend French once again.

“Dawn is hilarious to work with and I always look forward to going back to work on this show every year as it means I get a chance to spend time with her,” she continues. “We literally talk from 6.30am in the morning until 8pm at night. She is just a wonderful person to be around.

“She lights up a room when she walks into it with her charisma and you can totally see why she has had this incredible career. Her charm is as wonderful off screen as it is on it.

“Hopefully Sky will give us a chance to make a fourth series of Delicious and I would certainly be up for that if the offer was there.”

Irish actor Regan (Rebel Heart and Silent Witness) is the new face around the Penrose Hotel this year and he tells that he was a little daunted to share a screen with television royalty as he joins the Delicious cast.

“I was a bit nervous meeting Dawn because she is a national treasure. I’m sure she doesn’t like to hear me call her that, but it’s true,” states Regan, the son of Roscommon parents.

“She’s just such a joy to be around and a great captain of the ship on Delicious. She is funny on set, but also a really good serious actor.

“I have worked with Millie before on Silent Witness and knew what to expect from her. You always need to bring your A-game when you are thrown in front of a camera with an actress of that calibre, but it was a delight to work with Dawn and the writing on Delicious is fantastic.

“I fully understand why this show has been such a hit for Sky. This is not a comedy, that’s for sure. This is a drama that deals with a lot of serious issues evolving around relationships with friends, mothers, daughters and sons.

“You might expect it to be a barrel of laughs when you see Dawn French in a TV show and while there is humour in it, it has a lot more to it on a number of levels.

“Delicious was a joy to work on. It’s always daunting coming into a show that’s already established, but my character is doing what I am doing as well. Coming into the set-up and rocking the boat. I arrive as an outsider and play an outsider and it fits neatly into the way I play the character.”

With Delicious also finding space to provide a prominent role for the considerable acting talents of Sheila Hancock, this is a drama fronted up by women and that trend continues at all levels.

“It’s a series that has women of all different ages at its heart and it feels like this is a very apt show for the moment we are living through now,” adds Fox.

“I am in my 40s, Dawn is a little more mature and yet we are all playing roles that have romantic elements, which is great to see.

“We also have a lot of female writers and women behind the camera as well and it has been great to see Sky championing a show with so many women involved.

“Maybe that line-up of people would have been seen as unusual a few years ago, but not any longer and this is a sign of progress.

“That said, I believe there needs to be a balance as men and women bring different qualities to every job and I feel we have a wonderful mix on Delicious that has helped to create a happy team on and off camera.”

Delicious returns to Sky One tonight, December 28, at 9pm on Sky One and NOW TV

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