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Things just got even more awkward for Gogglebox's Silent Jay...


The Woerdenweber family, and Silent Jay Makin

The Woerdenweber family, and Silent Jay Makin

The Woerdenweber family, and Silent Jay Makin

Poor Jay Makin. The Gogglebox star's week just got even worse - his ex girlfriend Eve Woerdenweber reportedly has a new boyfriend.

Jay, or 'Silent Jay' as he's affectionately known to viewers given his deafening silence on every episode of the Channel 4 show, was dumped by tattoo artist Eve (20) last week although he is still filming the fifth series.

The 22-year old has become a household name alongside Eve and her parents Viv and Ralf over the past four seasons of the show.

However, since the split he was forced to move out of the Woerdenweber's Merseyside home despite still filming the show in the family's living room.


And now Heat magazine reports that Eve has updated her relationship status on Facebook and is dating student Josh Smith. 

Speaking to The Sun last week, he said, "We had a few problems and started drifting apart, but I thought it was down to the pressure of the show and her business.

"We argued too much and she said she couldn't cope with it. She called after a big argument and said she didn't want to go out with me any more."

He added, "It's going to be super-awkward to film. But the producers told us we would have to muddle through until the end of the series."

Even so Jay is reportedly returning for the sixth series.

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