Tuesday 21 January 2020

'There has to be a little devilment' - Fair City star hints at Paul and Niamh's future

Paul and Niamh
Paul and Niamh
Paul and Niamh
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Fair City's resident 'love rat' Tony Tormey's antics on screen have provided no shortage of drama over the years.

Viewers have been gripped by his recent dalliance with latest flame Hayley, played by Rebecca Grimes, as he embarks on yet another sordid affair.

Paul and Niamh
Paul and Niamh

The actor, who plays Paul Brennan, has hinted there's no sign of a happy ending between his character and his long-suffering wife Niamh, aka Clelia Murphy.

Tony, who is one of the few actors who has been with the soap from the very start back in 1989, said that his own mother hopes he and Niamh will eventually sort out their differences - but he doesn't think it will come to pass.

"If they're going to be happy then it's going to be very boring, isn't it?" he said.

"You don't want happy couples going, 'Do you want a cup of tea?' or 'Are you alright there?' There has to be a little devilment here, there and everywhere."

The show recently celebrated its 4,000th episode with an explosive scene involving Tony and his other half after she finally finds out about his cheating with Hayley.

But in fact, the actor's character has had a total of 17 dalliances during the 27 years he's been on the soap.

Playing such a famous lothario has meant he doesn't always get the best reaction from members of the public.

He recalled on RTE's Ray D'Arcy Show how he was once in a pharmacy waiting to pick up a prescription for his sick son when he was approached by a Fair City fan.

"This little old woman came up beside me and kind of tugged on my jacket here and said, 'Sorry are you Paul from Fair City?'

"I said, 'No I'm not' and she went 'Oh right' and nothing was said for a minute. Then I got another tug and she went, 'Did anybody ever tell you that you look like him?'

"I said, 'No, they didn't.' The girls behind the counter were laughing because I just wanted to go home, give the kid his medicine and make him better.

"Anyway, I got the stuff and was walking out and she goes 'Excuse me' and she said, 'I'm glad you're not him… because he's an awful ugly looking s**te'."


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