Wednesday 20 March 2019

'There aren't 11 celebrities in Ireland - there are five, and three of them are Bono' - Deirdre O'Kane

Deirdre O'Kane
Deirdre O'Kane
Presenter Deirdre O'Kane arriving on the red carpet for the IFTA Awards 2017 at the Mansion House, Dublin. Photo: Michael Chester

Sean O'Grady

Deirdre O'Kane has admitted she was surprised when she learned there would be 11 celebrities taking part in Dancing With The Stars as she didn't think there were that many famous people in Ireland.

The comedian (50) was a finalist on this year's series of the RTE series, losing the glitterball trophy to singer Jake Carter.

Speaking about her goals for the future, Deirdre told how she would like the opportunity to host her own chat show one day but isn't sure there's enough Irish stars to go around.

"I'd like my own show. I'd like my own telly gig. I think I'd like to do my own version of a chat show. I know it has to be different because it's difficult Ireland, there just aren't enough stars.

Comedienne Deirdre O’Kane and John Edward Nolan Credit: kobpix
Comedienne Deirdre O’Kane and John Edward Nolan Credit: kobpix
Deirdre with ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner John Edward Nolan

"I met the other celebrities and go, '11? There aren't 11 celebrities in Ireland'," she said, laughing.

"There's about five and three of them are Bono. What are you going to do? Bono is at the top of the list and some blogger at the bottom and in between there's cheese, bread, onions, tomatoes and milk. That's the list."

Speaking on the Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene on 2fm, Deirdre also revealed one of her unfulfilled career ambitions is to perform on Broadway.

However, she insisted it's not going to happen while Donald Trump is in the White House.

"I still have a hankering to appear on Broadway, something I've never done before. I really want that to happen.

"I've no interest while Trump is still in charge. Unless he goes I've no interest in setting foot in America so that dreams a bit tarnished at the moment," she said.

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