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The Voice of Ireland: Deja Vu for Kian as Helena Bradley Bates reveals she's pregnant and due right before final

Helena Bradley Bates
Helena Bradley Bates
Stuart Bond
Paul Taylor
Cristin Nolan
Shannon Doyle
Shauna Nolan
Lanni Power
Ellie May Bopp
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Ciara Monaghan
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Niall O'Halloran
Kayleigh Cullinan
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

One of Kian Egan's team members has revealed she is 15 weeks pregnant and due in April, right before the final of The Voice of Ireland

Helena Bradley Bates was pitted against Stuart Bond for this week's battle and during rehearsals Helena revealed her happy news.

Kian joked that he and Bressie would need midwife training as this is the second contestant he's had who has been due a baby during the live shows. Catherine Hughes (who is back and performed tonight) had to leave the battles last year when she went into labour. 

Despite the chance she may not be able to compete in the final, Kian chose Helena to go through to the next round as she impressed the most during the battle performance of Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Kian said, "Amazing. Both of you have such amazing qualities you both deserve a place in the final. It’s a tough one. I have to go with who I think is going to blow us away week by week and the potential to go all the way. The person I choose for the live final is going to be Helena."

Also going through to the next round is Paul Taylor of Team Rachel as he beat Cristin Nolan after their rendition of Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Paul is currently living in his car with his two dogs after losing everything he owned and revealed his confidence very low, but Bressie commented, "The person I would put through is Paul, there’s sincerity in your voice, I remember it from the blind auditions" and Rachel chose Paul.

The first steal of the night happened when Una pitted two talented young women together. Shauna Nolan and Shannon Doyle tackled Demi Lovato's Heart Attack but Una chose to keep Shauna.  Rachel then stole Shannon for her team.

Elle-May Bopp and Lanni Power performed next for Team Rachel.  They both had a tough time with Pink's Just Like a Pill.

Ellie May Bopp goes through but Bressie had some criticism, "Pink is one of those artists that a lot of people try to, but never get close to in terms of cover.  She is a serious singer.  Let's not compare you to Pink."

During rehearsals with Karla Chubb and Ciara Monaghan, Kian was prompted to walk out when he realised they hadn't been practicing.  They were both unhappy about their song choice, Katy Perry's Wide Awake.

And their lacklustre performance earned some criticism from Una and Bressie.  Una said she was "on edge for the performance" and Bressie added, "You were both so disconnected from the song. Why bother singing or going on stage if you don’t enjoy it?"

Kian opted to put Ciara through.

Catherine Hughes, who was forced to abandon the battles last year when she went into labour, competed against Laura Enright, singing Universal by Blur.  Kian, Rachel and Una all said it just didn't work.

"The low bits were too low for your voices," said Kian.  "I know you both have amazing voices. You might have picked the wrong coach. You (Bressie) picked the wrong song for them."

Bressie took Laura through.

The final performance, courtesy of Kayleigh cullinan and Niall O'Halloran, earned praise and the second steal of the night.  Una put Niall through and Bressie stole Kayleigh.

All four judges had turned for Kayeligh's blind audition and she revealed she knew Bressie - her mum Kathy was driving Bressie's tour bus when Kayleigh was the victim of a savage attack in 2010.

The final battle round takes place next Sunday, followed by six weeks of live shows.

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